What was your deciding factor to do or not do ivf?
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isa - May 7

Tracy, ivf orientation was interesting. I knew most of the stuff already from my own research on the net but it was good to hear what I was reading was accurate. They gave our Canadian stats and the clinic stats and the clinic stats are ore than double the canadian stats for ivf. For over 40 our clinic had a success rate of 52% in 2005. The nurse said they have an amazing embryologist who will actually tell you the day of retrieval how many eggs you have before you leave and call you personally in 24 hours and 48 hours after the retrieval to keep us posted on the quality and cell division. Dh and I still have not decided what to do. Dh says we have a couple months no need to decide now. I'm not sure how I feel. I still think its so much money (and money we dont really have). If you have any questions about what I might have learned go ahead and ask me.


Tracy88 - May 7

Glad your IVF thingie went well. It does help to be reassured that what you get from the net is accurate. IVF is a huge financial step, and if you are not rolling in money, it can put a strain on everything, especially if it doesn't work, and that was all you could afford. I think part of our decision to try the injectibles was because we knew we had one shot, and there was NO guarantee. Being that we are both healthy, we thought it would be more beneficial to get the laparoscopy done (if covered by insurance) first. That way we can rest assured knowing that we are either perfectly fine, or will know what has been impeding conception. We don't want to spend that huge chunk of money on IVF if there is something wrong with me that would prevent implantation or something, and could have been fixed. To find out I had a problem in retrospect would be a nightmare. Well, I got AF yesterday, so will either start injectibles on Monday or Tuesday, OR I will be scheduled for the laparoscopy. I will find out when I call first thing in the morning which it is going to be. Looking back at everything you have written, I feel that you guys should really go with IVF. I have spoken with many women who have taken out loans or second mortgages on their homes, etc...but don't regret it. If you are worried about spending all of your savings, can you get a loan from a bank? That way you have your savings still and can pay the loan because you won't have wiped yourself out. As far as the multiples issue.....if you've done injectibles, there was a higher risk for multiples with that, so again, I would do the IVF. I really believe it would offer you more control, and to be honest, just since you have a health issue, I would really consider selective reduction if needed. You never know, you may not need to even consider it, and that could be a blessing. There are many women who have one baby from IVF and did not have to choose reduction.



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