What was it??? Please Help!
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Christina - December 1

I'll apologize in advance if this is tmi! DH & I have been ttc for 5 months, & 99% of the time after DH & I bd I have a small amount of white "stuff" that comes out when I use the bathroom. Well, tonight after bding when I used the bathroom, a ton of mucusy "stuff" came out. It was literally hanging from me & was several inches long (similar to EWCM, only very clear). What in the world was it? In our 3+ years of bding I have never seen anything like it! I am currently on CD22-23 (not sure how long this cycle is going to be...last cycle was 18 days & one before that was 24...24-27 is normal for me. However, I have been cramping for the past 5 days, with (fingers crossed) no sign of AF. Could this "stuff" be a sign of pregnancy? (I took HPT today...negative). Thanks so much for your help!!!! Again, so sorry if tmi!!


Mega - December 1

Don't worry about TMI, I figure with this TTC business, it's ALL TMI. LOL! If this mucous-ey "stuff" came out after you BD it could be semen, though probably not enough to keep the good "stuff" from getting to where it should. Or if you think you Ov several days ago, then yes it could be discharge, which CAN be a sign of pregnancy. You're probably too early to get a + on a HPT, so that doesn't necessarily mean you're not preggo. Good luck! HTH!!!


neha - December 1

what is TMI?


Christina - December 1

Thanks Mega! It would have been a lot of semen! I always lay in bed for at least 20 minutes after bding...just to try to help the little guys as much as possible! :) I honestly have no idea when I Oed. I used OPK's & checked CM from day 8 through day 15, but never got a positive OPK & CM was always VERY minimal, so I figured that I didn't O this month. I am currently on CD 22-23 & have been cramping for 5 days now...I hate going to the bathroom because I am scared that AF is going to be there! :) TMI is too much information!


neha. - December 1

hey christina thanks. even i get this kinda mucus after bding. it's just the semen. r u having any preggo symptoms other than cramping? r u trying for 1st & since when?


lori - December 1

Christina, i had that happen to me the other day and it was not semen i have no idea what it was i think it meant i was ovulating maybe thats what it was for you i really am not sure.I have been ttc for 7 months and i will be 21 in jan husband is 26.Good luck lots of babydust to you!


Christina - December 1

NEHA, no, no other real preg. symptons...well, my face seems to be breaking out quite a bit! (I'm 27 so I sort of thought those days were behind me!) but other than that, nada! Yes, DH & I are trying for 1st. I guess you could say this is our 3rd official month trying. Before that, we wern't not trying, but we weren't really trying either. I am really hoping to get an early Christmas present! How about you????
LORI, I agree with you, I really don't think that it was semen either. It was really, really long...it reached all of the way down to the water in the toilet & it was fairly thick too! I would think that if it was semen I would have seen it before. I am still cramping today, but not as bad or as much as I have been. I have no idea what is going on. I just keep running to the bathroom to check to see if it's AF. Each time I go, I swear that it's her! I'm 27 & DH is 26. I wish that we had started ttc when we were a bit younger, but we wanted to wait until we were married. Although if we knew it would take so long, I think we would have rethought! :) Where in your cycle are you girls now? Any chance of a BFP this month? Good luck & **baby dust**


d - December 1

well if you had a good orgasm it could just be a combination of sperm and cervical fluid. otherwise it's probably just sperm. when i go to the bathroom to soon after bding, i get stuff that comes out too. just try to lay in bed a little longer after doing the deed. i usually try to take a nap (if i have time) afterwards so that i make sure the little guys have enough time. i read it takes sperm an hour to travel about an inch and that it's a 7 inch journey to your uterus...so the total journey is about 7 hours. i figure if i lay down for at least 2 hours after doing the deed that the little guys have a fighting chance. thought this might help.



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