What to expert @ first RE visit.
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Kelly2 - June 18

Hi, I have my first visit Mon. w/ Reproductive Endocrinologist. What should I expect on first visit? Will it be talking, pelvic exam, blood work? I am sort of nervous/excited @ the same time. Would someone please let me know there experience? My background is I have tried clomid for two cycles with no luck. I have never been checked for any blockages, endo., etc. Will they automatically set up a time to do these tests or try other things first? Thanks for any advice or comments :)


Lena - June 19

I've visited two different RE (one was in-plan and one was out of plan.) For both, my first visit was a consultation with the center's head doctor. They discussed my ttc history, and explained my options and expenses. They then had me meet with a nurse during that same appt who scheduled the tests and treatments based on my cycle.


Kelly2 - June 19

Thanks for your response Lena :)



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