What to expect for my 1st IVF visit
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Hi everyone, I am new to this site. My first visit is next week. Can you please share what to expect? My DH is ok, his tests were done at the MD.


randy - May 25

I'm new to this site too! i had IVF done once last year...it was unsuccessful...It's not so bad...don't be nervous...We had to show up at the clinic at 8am to drop off my hubby's sperm...then we came back around noon...they just had me lay back like the usual obgyn appt...then they used a large syring to place the sperm in me..didn't hurt, just stung a little little bit when it went throught the cervix but not bad at all... had me lay back for 15 minutes, and I was done...no cramping...no complications...we only did that once...I hope I helped you...don't be scared...I hope it works for you!!!


chele - May 27

Randy, is it the IUI your had, not IVF? I'm wondering as there is much more to the IVF process... Tons of meds, u/s, b/w, basic monitoring, then you have the egg retrieveal while under anestesia, then the step you mentioned (just as in IUI) I preformed to transfer?


Tink - May 27

I think Chele is right Randy- i think you just had an IUI. IVF is usually a 6 week protocol of drugs and then an egg retrieval surgery under anithesia to remove your eggs, then fertilize them in a lab for 3-5 days and then place the embryos back in you. It is quite different and much more involved than an IUI (i've had both). plus it costs about $10,000 where an IUI is like $500. Jadensmom- your first consult will just be reviewing your history- m/c, abortions, irregular cycles, any other problems you know of or suspect. they will do blood, sometimes on both of you for a full work up. If you have had prior testing done with an OB/gyn or urologist for DH, they will want those files and info. especially if you have already done all the important tests- like the S/A for DH, dye test for you etc. They will wnat to know of any history of treatment- clomid, IUIs, lap etc. They will probaby discuss the potential 'schedule' and protocol with you. most IVF cycles take 6 weeks and start with 3 weeks on birth control pills, then add in lupron injections to suppress your ovaries and then after AF comes, they start the stim injections, then the egg retreival and embryo transfer. they will discuss all the drugs- what they think is best for you (each doc and each case is different protocol often) and disscuss side effects, costs, responsibilities etc. Check out ivfconnections.com for lots of good info on questions to ask. good luck- after 6 mos of clomid, 4 IUIs and a lap, i finally did IVF and it worked the first time!



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