What to expect for 1st clomid cycle?
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whynotme - June 22

Hello all, looks like I will be staring my first clomid cycle soon. I haven't been told which days I will be taking it, but could you guys tell me a little about what to expect? I already had my first IUI and was wondering if I will be able to go ahead with the next cycle right away? Or do you have to wait a cycle out to see if the drug is working. Please let me know about your experiences.


Neuza - June 22

Hi whynotme, welcome to the club. I am on my 3 round of clomid days 1-5. I didnt had many side effects on my first two round, however this month they increase the dose for 100mg & i felt cramps & pain in my lower back. Some ladies they are lucky & they get pregnant on the first cicle, therefore u never know. I am trying to conceive for the past 3.5 years & i was diagnosed last year with PCOS. Kept in touch & good luck.


LCJ - June 23

Hi whynotme, I'm on my 3rd round on clomid (CD19), the first two cycles I was on 50mg with hardly anyside effects, afew hot flashes but nothing major. My cycles before were anywhere from 35-48days but once on the clomid they became 27-28 days so although I'm not pregnant yet I'm pleased to have regular cycles! I'm on 100mg this month and I had pains on CD14/15 and lots of headaches.


Neuza - June 23

Hi LCJ, good luck on your 3rd. Fingers crossed!!!!!!


Kayanna - June 23

hi i sated clomid this month on cd 1-5 and i had hot flashes and cramps and hot flashes. the cramps stopped after a few days but came back the hot flashes come and go. good luck to everyone


whynotme - June 23

Thanks girls. Good luck to everyone and I hope that your 3rd cycles will be your last!!!! I just called my RE to let him know that I got af and to see what the next step is. I don't which days he will be putting me on. But I assumed if it's day 1-5 then I would have to start today, right?? How much does everyone have to pay for the medication?


whynotme - June 23

Well, I just got a call from my RE and he called me in the presciption for clomid for days 3-7. Then I go in for an u/s on day 11. After he measures and checks things out, he will determine what day to give me the HCG trigger shot. I had no idea that I didn't need to use the OPK's anymore.



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