What to expect?...1st IUI coming up
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TL - April 17

Hi ladies. I am getting my IUI done by end of this week ! I am so excited because I have like 7 decent follicles almost ready to go.
Anyway, on the day my DF gives his sperm sample, how long does it take for them to 'wash' it?
Will we be able to go in together so they can 'wash' it and insert into me right away?
We have male fertility issues that's why we are going this route.
Thanks for any advise or words of wisdom.


trulala_wants_baby - April 21

It sounds like we are in the same boat in a way. I do NOT have PCOS or anything of that nature BUT I have had irregular periods all my adult years probably due to being a BBW (A Big and Beautiful Woman). I have been trying for a year or so to have a baby but no go. So, I found an awesome infertility clinic with lovely nurses and doctors alike in LI, NY and both my husband and I were tested. I had numerous blood tests and intrvagenal sonograms and hooray, and I ovulalated ( thankfully). BUT, my husband's sperm was slow moving (other than that his sperm is decent). So, I did my first IUI last Thursday. I will tell you that # 1 it is not an unpleasant experience like I had feared and well, it takes about 1 hour to "wash" the sperm. I felt in my heart I was indeed ovulating most of the time because I felt that "ovulation twinge" woman talk about . So, I thought to myself , "It must be my husband. He must have infertility issues due to his diabetes and high blood pressure." (Although, now he is losing weight 60 pounds so far and I too lost 25 pounds). I must say, I had a shot of Luetininzing hormone 1 hour before the IUI procedure to ensure that my egg or ovum would definetely burst out of the follicle. Tthat shot kind of hurt a bit , but hey so what right? It is all worth it I say. # 2 yes you can go together to get the sperm sample and they almost do it right away in the office after "washing" the sperm. They clean out all the unworthy or non motile sperm, the dead sperm, the sperm that have weird looking tails or heads and get rid of the semen and just keep the strongest and most fertile, motile and mobile fast swimmers to so speak to ensure IUI sucess. I am very worried myself actually because this was MY FIRST TRY and well... I want a baby so bad I think and dream about it all day. They told me that there is a 20% chance of getting pregnant this way, and that I may have to do it a few times to be successful. It took literally 10 minutes to do the IUI. Then the doctor jokingly BUT seriously implying to us said, "Now you guys go home and have fun the next 5-6 days." Hahaha. So, we certainly did. Infact, one day we had an arguement and I was NOT feeling like getting busy with him at ALL, LOL BUT I thought about baby baby baby. So, I said , "Boy, strip down and get to making a baby hahaha". So, I wish you luck my dear as I hope you will do the same for me. GOD BE WITH YOU and I hope we both have a baby soon.


TL - April 24

Good luck to you !! How are you feeling since the IUI? Me, good. A few symptoms but trying not to 'read' into it too much :)
Baby dust to you :)



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