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LN030905 - June 30

Hey ladies..my husband and I are getting impatient..weve been trying to concieve for a while now and nothing. We did go through a month of opks and such..to find that it only stressed me out and caused me to have a 63 day cycle! If I were to go to a Dr...where would I go? Do, I need to go to my gyn first and just tell them the problem. They do not know that we are ttc, but all test for yearly exams have came out normal..I feel like since I have done my research and since Im fairly knowledgable about this, that I may be wasting my time going to a gyn. Whats a RE? Ive heard that mentioned several times with other ppl having problems. What do you all suggest? Thanks..I really appreciate any advice or info anyone can share.


Val - June 30

hi... sorry about your difficulty ttc... it definitely is a hard thing to go through. RE = reproductive endocrinologist. Basically a doctor who specializes in fertility issues. They usually have more training than a regular ob/gyn regarding fertility issues. Can I ask how old are you? The general recommendation is to see a specialist if you've been ttc for a year with no success, or 6 months if you are over 35. Charting your cycles (taking your temp, checking cervical mucous, etc.) is helpful because it can give the doctors some baseline information about your cycles. Depending on your age and your insurance coverage, you might want to check with your ob/gyn first and see what they suggest or if they can run some tests. I went to my ob after not being able to conceive after 7 months following a miscarriage. I'm 36 so I didn't want to wait anymore. She send my husband in for sperm testing. Meanwhile, I also made an appt to see a specialist, who tested my tsh levels and put me on clomid to try to shorten my cycles. My insurance doesn't cover fertility tx so the dollars are starting to add up, but I just got to the point where I couldn't sit back and wait any longer. Anyway, good luck to you!


slowpoke01 - June 30

also have you had your progesterone level checked at day 21 because if your progesterone levels are low then you may not be ovulating and also progesterone helps prepare the uterine wall for implantation and if you dont have enough progesterone your uterine wall may not be good enough to support implantation causing you not to get pregnant also i had hsg dye test that showed my tubes were not blocked so that also could be a cause your ob/gyn should be able to tell you whether or not to see a specialist but even if you do you can have your ob/gyn do your bloodwork and it is cheaper than having re do it that is what i do the progesterone is a blood test and my doc said they wanted it over 15 because it would give me a better chance of getting pregnant mine was 12.1 last month and 25.8 this month with the help of 50 mg clomid days 3-7 of my cycle and i am 1 day late for a/f so i am hoping that it worked we will see..lol..giid luck i would definitely talk with doc and see about seeing an re


lqtoo - June 30

Great advice from the ladies posting above. I know from my own experience that going to an RE made me feel much better emotionally...I finally felt that things were sort of under my control, and I had the help I needed. LN030905, you sound like you can use some emotional support, too...it sounds like you are starting to despair. I would definitely recommend finding a good fertility clinic in your area, just so you can get some answers and professional advice.


Val - June 30

hi again... meant to say that I had my FSH tested (not tsh, which is actually something to do with your thyroid.) I also did have my thyroid tested and it was slightly low, so I've been taking a thyroid supplement for a couple of months. Best of luck to you and the other ladies here... (Slowpoke, I hope you get that bfp!)



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