what the hells going on?
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april - May 18

hi my name is april and i have been haveing sharp pains in my breast and they are verry tender!! its like i am aboart to start but i dont strart until the 31 so i know its not that an di was tracking my fertile days and i had sex on all those days so whats the chances of me beig pregnant?


val - May 18

Hi April,
Unfortunately, I get like that also. I'm due for my period any day now, and I have been ttc for 8mos. now. About a week or two go, my breasts were sooo sore, it hurt if I bumped them with my arm. Anything and everything hurt, even washing in the shower. The female body has ways of making us think were pregnant, even giving us some of the normal symptoms, just to let us down a couple weeks later. I think it's a matter of Pschyo-symatic, you want to think your pregnant, so your body says okay, I'll go along with that. I really though I was pregnant a couple mos. ago, with all of the symptoms I was having. Cravings, tender breasts,frequent urination, fatigue, but I was disapointed when my "friend" came. I'm not saying that there is no way that your pregnant. I just want you to keep in mind, (like I do every month) this is just my body playing games because I want it so bad. And maybe someday, I'm hoping, that I'll be wrong, and I really will be pregnant.I would say, wait until the 31st. Trust me I know how hard it is to wait. But I've wasted alot of money on false pg. tests. Plus, you'll want to wait until your late so that hormone level will show up on a pg. test. If you test too early, you could get false results.I hope that helps a little.


april - May 18

thanks so much!! yeah i know aht u are saying theres lots of times i thought i was pregnant and it was not so!! and also i have spent lots of money on pregnancy test thanks for your help!


Christina - May 19

I had that same experience last month. I was 2 weeks late and that has never happened to me. I was so excited cause I had all the symptoms, and low and behold af came and disappointed me once again. What a trixter she is huh? Depressing, but Im not giving up and don't you either! Go getm girl!



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