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grad19 - September 5

Hi ladies. Well, I had an HSG test August 4. Still no AF. However, I have been irregular lately. Hence the reason for the HSG. Today is CD 39. AF seems to be coming anywhere from CD 39 to CD 50. I have heard of a lot of women getting pregnant the same month they had their HSG. I don't know if I should test or not now, or just wait. It is hard because I have no idea when AF will come. I don't have any symptoms of either AF or preg. The only thing unusual is a little bit of twinging in my lower area and yesterday I had a very sore lower back. But I suppose that could be from anything. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Thank you so much.


Shawna1 - September 5

Do you ovulate? Have you had a pelvic ultrasound to rule out ovarian cysts? If I were you I would go back to the dr and get your cycles back on track. Good luck!


Ann1 - September 5

You absolutely should test. I had no symptoms at all when I got my bfp. Good luck!


andy - September 11

I would do a blood test !!!


tibby - September 11

you need to test and if bfn go to the doctor so they can help af come, so you can get back on track.


andalvy - September 12

I say test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cspears99 - September 13

Hi have you tried IUI or anything yet?? It sounds like that may be the best for you?? they will control when you ovulate, and know if you have released eggs and things like that, we did three IUI's without luck and I also thought after my HSG would get lucky because I read tons of stories of woman getting pregnant soon after, but not us!! We are now taking a break and going to look into IVF, but I would talk to your dr and start thinking about trying IUI so they can monitor your ovulation, I wish you the best!!! lots of luck!!



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