What should I do?
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Maryanne - April 9

What should I do after sex when I'm ovulating? Should I just lay there and let the sperm travel or do I get up or what? Some say that you should lay on your side and let it travel. I don't know. Do you?


PoohBear - April 9

Ive heard that you should put a pillow under your pelvis and lay there for 15-20 minutes or that you should lay on your back for the same amount of time. Im not sure which one works better that is just what I have heard.


Maryanne - April 10

I've heard that also but didn't know how true it was. Does it also help if I have an orgasm after he does? I've heard that it helps the sperm travel when you have an orgasm. I know it sounds crazy... But do you think it could help?


PoohBear - April 10

I've hears that one too. I think it does help. I've started doing the pillow under the hips but I'm not sure that I ovulated this month so I dont think I'll be able to tell if it works or not. A lot of times I think it depends on the person and their body.


Maryanne - April 10

I think I'm gonna do the pillow thing too. We start ttc today. We'll be at it all this week to be on the safe side. This is my week to ovulate so hopefully all goes well. Do you have kids already? If not, how long have you been ttc? Good luck to you... I have a 3 year old son an we want another baby before he gets too old. But we've been having problems getting pregnant. I don't know why. I went to the doctor and had myself checked out to see what the problem was. I had an ultrasound done on Friday and I saw a lot of eggs and everything. It was pretty cool. I have to call them back today to find out the results of the ultrasound. Wish me luck... And thanks for responding to my questions.


na25 - April 10

i started putting a pillow under my pelvis too...i heard from many women it helps...so will see:)


JenG - April 10

I just lay with my knees propped up at 25 degrees angle for 20 mins. Then use the restroom to avoid UTI. Worked two times. I have read pillow under the hips can sometimes tilt you too much if you have a normal uterus position.


Maryanne - April 10

I've tried the knees propped up position a few times but it never seems to work. And I also know that my uterus is not in a normal position all the time. So hopefully the pillow deal will work. Thanx...


PoohBear - April 10

Im ttc my first child. Its been two months of actual trying with no luck. I just started trying the pillow under the pelvis. Im currently on CD25 11DPO so we will see. AF is suppose to come this week. babydust to you all.


Maryanne - April 11

Well good luck to ya poohbear. i'm O'ing now, so I'm just gonna enjoy baby making this week. (hopefully). Babydust to you all too....



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