what should i do?
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stephanie - March 24

me and my husband have been tryin to get pregnant and i am to scared to go to a doc cuz i am afraid of what they might tell me cuz it would really break my heart if he says i can't have kids and i wouldn't have a prob with adoption but i want one that i made what do u all think i should do?


Paris - March 27

Please go ahead and go to the Dr. I did the same thing for years and finally was forced to go to the Dr. due to other complications related to my period. Anyway, I had to have 2 minor surgeries and am fixing to start Clomid. I had edometrial polyps by the way. You would be surprised at what they can do w/ technology today. More than likely you can be fixed!!! The odds are for..not against you. You will be happy you went and not to mention the piece of mind you gain. That alone can help you w/ conception as stress is a major factor of infertility in and of itself. Best of luck and God bless!!


Alisa - April 2

GO TO THE DOCTORS! Stephanie, I know exactly how you feel because I did the same thing myself. I was trying for 3 years and I didn't want to find out the truth in case it was bad news. I was convinced I was infertile, but I didn't want anyone to confirm it. I am finally pregnant without any help, but I could have saved myself years of worry and depression if I'd only I'd got myself or my partner checked out. If you are stressed about not getting pregnant, then you could be making matters worse. It may be that you have no problem at all and have just been unlucky so far, or it it could be a simple problem like hormone imbalance. I have a friend who was trying to have a baby with his wife for 2 years. They both went to doctors and were each told that it was highly unlikely that they would ever produce a child. They were just thinking about IVF when they managed to concieve a child naturally! So, it just goes to show, that even when you think there is no hope, miracles can happen. Doctors don't always know what they are talking about either. Don't let yourself suffer anymore. Get help all you can because I think you will feel better for it, and remember that there is always hope. I hope this helps you and I wish you all the best.



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