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Glenda - February 25

I am 22 years old and my husband and I miscarried last year when I was five months pregnant. It was horrible to go through it. We have been trying since september to get pregnant and we can't. What is wrong with us? The doctor's say we are fine and the baby just wasn't formed correctly. I am suffering do much because I know we will be great parents. Everybody around us is getting pregnant and that keeps hurting me even more. Please can somebody give us tips


Missy - March 14

Hi Glenda, i understand your frustration, i am 22 my husband 23 and we have been trying for a baby for 14 months. My sister and alot of my friends are having babies and it breaks my heart to see it all. But maybe your body needed a little bit of time to settle down after last year. So my fingers are crossed for you, i think your prayers will be answered soon. GOOD LUCK!!!


hello - March 14

hi guys i know how you feel i also lost a baby and everyone is preg around me my sister in law is even preg and she sisnt want kids!!!!! Im on clomid now hear it gives a good chance of preg so im willing to take anything right now xxx


kc - March 14

Glenda you have only been trying for about 6mths this isn't rearly that long. I know that isn't what you want to hear but just keep trying it will happen. I had an ectopic over 2yrs ago and I am still trying to get preg. When my period comes I feel so low, last month I was on clomid but my period came again, but I will try again this month. Goodluck.



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