What's the difference between our various treatments?
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lqtoo - June 30

Hi ladies. I have been reading a ton of these posts, and there are so many different treatments out there that people having difficulty ttc can take. I was just wondering what the difference between the treatments are, why your Drs think that particular treatment will work for you, and if you are aware of any statistics that show one treatment to be more or less effective than another. Starting with myself I guess, I am taking Puregon (Follistum), will have an HCG injection, followed by two rounds of IUI and then will take projesterone supplements. I have "unexplained infertility". I know that the Puregon stimulates multiple follicles, the HCG shot stimulates ovulation, and the projesterone helps prevent misscarriage. I believe the success rates for this treatment are approx 30% - slighter higher chance of pregnancy than without any treatment. Anyone else?



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