What's next? IUI?
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WISHES - March 10

I am new to the forum,,,, i have been ttc #1 for almost 3 years now. Its been an emotional roller coster that is so hard to control sometimes. i was diagnosed w/ a mild case of PCOS. i am of average weight, in good health, and 29 yrs old. i have done 3 rounds of clomid using opks, and 2 rounds of follistim,hcg,and progestrone. my 2week blood test is monday, however i tested negative this morning and all hope seem to diminish. i will not be able to go through treatment next month because of a vacation,,, but i usually have to skip a month because of growing residual cysts....MY QUESTION is should i try an IUI next time?????
i never share my infertility with friends or family and are surronded my pregnancies, kids, and baby showers. i feel i am at the end of my rope. i thought i would be pregnant by now..my DH is supported but deals with the situation in meaningless hobbies. we share the same feelings,, like when someone asks,, whats going on? our heads are filled with infertility and we cant talk about it... sorry i am rambling i just want to be a mom, change my life, and end this draining infertility battle. any advice would be appreciated. thank you baby dust to all....


tanner789 - March 11

i would say your next step would be an aggresive route with ivf, i am sorry you cant share your woes with friends and family thats the hardest part noone understands that hasnt been throught it before, this brd is a great place for friendship and comfort, i too am ttc #1 and been ttc for a lil over a yr. i was dx with annovulation and tried clomid, and couple monthes ago clomid with shots but was too agrresive, this month we are lowering the dosage and trying again.i hope you can find lots of support and advice here. best of luck


pmblake - March 11

Hi there... I've had 2 IUI's both a bust. I've done the injectables for 4 months.. also a bust! The best luck that I've had is w/ a drug called Serophene. It's the same as clomid just in generic form. Have you tried something other than Clomid? There's several other Rx's out there and they do work for some people and not for others. I just recently went through 2 months of 50mg Serophene w/ trigger shot and was extremely lucky that the 2nd month worked. I have had 4 m/c's so I'm still in the hoping and praying stage that this one will be different.. that this one will be viable. I do agree w/ tanner though and if you have a Dx of PCOS - then IVF maybe the best way to go. If $$$ is an option than maybe you should try an alternate oral Rx first? (with a trigger shot) I used HcG for my trigger (pregnyl). Best of luck to you!!


pmblake - March 11

There's a thread on here about the drug Metaforim... Something you may want to check out?? It's for woman w/ PCOS. Oh and you can share your problems here. We all have them. We all have friends and family that wouldn't understand. AND we have husbands who deal w/ it all in their own way. This forum is great for information as well as sorting out your mixed feelings. Good luck Wishes!



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