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Molly - October 6

Hi all, I am just curious if anyone has had failed attempts on Clomid, and what the next step is if it doesn't work? Is there other medication you can be put on - or what sorts of tests do they need to do? I am on my 2nd cycle of 50mg Clomid and I guess I want to prepare myself if it doesn't work after a few more goes. Thanks for your help.


Toni - October 6

Usually they up your dosage of clomid to 100 or 150 mg. What days are you taking it on? They should change that to. I took mine days 3-7. My dr told me the next step would be injectibles (not sure what they are named). Are you with a RE or just a reg dr?


Molly - October 6

I am taking it on days 5 - 9. I had my day 21 blood test and the level came back at 58, which is pretty high. So the dr saw no need to put the dosage up - because she was pretty sure I ovulated. I'm seeing a gyno/obgyn. Are you on Clomid at the moment? how long have you been on it?


Toni - October 6

Molly, I am on my first round of clomid and a first IUI yesterday. I would seriously think about doing your meds days 3-7. My RE said they used to do the days 5-7 but had better results starting earlier. Is your dr doing any sonos to see how many follicles you are making? Definitely research the day thing. My dr is in Dallas at a major clinic for this so I know they know the latest stuff.


CC - October 6

Molly, I dont know the answer to your actual question, but if I am not preg. this month, I will be on my 2nd cycle of Clomid, 100mg's and like Toni said, I am taking it days 3-7.(I get the ultrasounds to see how many follicles I have also)..My Dr also told me 3-7 is better (more follicles are produced that are "weak" and 5-9 produces less follicles that are "strong" from what I have read) I have a girlfriend who changed her days from 5-9 to 3-7 on her 3rd cycle of Clomid and she got pregnant..Could have been luck, timing, or whatever, but I would think of switching the days as well. Hopefully, this will be your month and you wont have to worry about it! Good luck!


Molly - October 7

Hi girls, thanks for the advice. I'm in Australia, so I'm not sure if they do it different here - but I have been wondering about the days to take it. I am already day 7 so it's too late to do 3 - 7, but from what I've read/heard it seems like a lot more people take Clomid on days 3 - 7, so when I speak to the dr this month, I will ask her about switching days. My dr isn't doing ultrasounds to see how many follicles there are... Maybe will ask about that too! Like CC said, hopefully I won't have to worry about it next month!



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