What's going on endometriosis
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Claire - March 9

This may seem strange but i keep feeling little wiggles in the bottom part of my belly, I can only describe it as a flutter I've had for about a week now. Today and yesterday I woke up around 4am feeling sick. There is a chance I could be pregnant as me and my fiance do not use protection (we are trying) I just feel strange inside. AF is due on Saturday. Have anyone else ever felt this way and been pregnant

I'm due to go into hospital soon for a laproscopy for endometriosis so i need to know Claire xxxxxx


Carrie - April 2

When I found out I was preg. ...
I felt real sick. I thought I had the flu or something. Smells would make me sick. I would get up in the middle of the night sick. I never thought I was preg. just sick. Turned out I was 5 weeks preg.


Angel - April 3

Yes I have experienced a flutter sensation but it is more at the top of my belly. I have had it a no of times just before my period is due and then go on to have my period. I also have endo. It sure is a strange sensation!



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