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liendy - February 5

This is my first time in this site and my first time log in a question. For past few months i was so bothered and confused. I hope somebody can help me. Im 2 months delayed. My ultrasound and blood test says negative. I never had a missed period ever since. Even my doctor cant explain much to me. Tommorrow im going to have my 3rd gyn appointment. They said they will going to review the result of my blood test. My ultrasound is ok and clear. I didnot took bc ever since. I really wanted to have a baby. Im afraid that im going not to have it forever. My gyn told me i might stress. Maybe, because im really panic for the past few months. My last period was nov.25 and until now i dont have it. I dont fell anything right now. Last months i have almost the sign of pg. But since i know im not pregnant i dont fell any right now. Is anybody out there have same problem with mine? Hoping somebody can give me couragement and hope. I cant ask anybody here because mostly they dont speak English. And im just new in the country that i lived now.


hopeful06 - February 6

liendy.......Welcome to the forum!! It sounds like you and I have the same problem. When did you stop birth control? Was it only when your period didn't show up or before? I stopped birth control in July and my periods have been very irregular since then. My last regular period was on Nov 7th, so we're in the same boat! My doctor told me that after coming off of birth control it can take awhile for your hormones to level out and begin ovulation again. She put me on Metformin to see if this helps. I spotted a couple days since then, but nothing that I would consider a normal period. I go back in a couple of weeks so we'll see what the next step is. Just curious....what country do you live in? Is there a language barrier with your doctor? If so, could you bring a translator to help you understand? I wish you the best!!


liendy - February 12

hi! hipefulo6. Thank´s for encouragement. I was in germany. I go back to my obgyn last February 06 but the result is not there yet. I go back this February 14. I never used pills ever since. Last Februar 7-10 i have spotting. I cant consider it was a menstration because it was so slight. I was just so worried because i dont know whats happening. Maybe i just need to bring my husband with me.he go with me . during my firt appointment but since he is working he was not always free. Maybe, thats why i missed my period for 2 months since i gain a lot of weight and stress. But still im worried. I was married for almost 7 months and trying to have baby. see you next whatever my result. Just wish luck fort both of us. As like your userrname dont lose HOPE. We just pray that everything is ok.


liendy - February 15

hopeful06......finally i got the result. After 2 ultrasounds and blood test. My gyn told me nothing to worry. I missed my period for almost two months because of my hormones. He said I need just a little pressure for my hormones so I can have my regular period back again. He gave me ClomHexal. Im using it now for 2 days. After 13 days of using it im going back again to my gyn to have ultrasound once again. Im so happy when he said that after taking the med he gave to me I can be get pregnant. I like this forum it helps me a lot. Wish u best too!



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