What's after Clomid
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what's next - March 21

My Doc says that he's pretty sure that I don't ovulate. He's doing blood tests to confirm his suspicions. I go back to see him in May and he said that he will likely prescribe Clomid. I am really hoping the clomid works for me but if it doesn't what is the typical "next step"?


Mega - March 21

It's really a case by case thing, but typically if Clomid doesn't work in 5 to 6 cycles, often times dr's prescribe injectibles next, which is more costly though. When I quit Oing on Clomid though my dr end up perforning Ovarian Drilling on me & I'm back on the Clomid now & responding much better to it. Ovarian Drilling was only an option for me though b/c I have PCOS. Just thought I throw that in too though to show there are other tricks up the drs' sleeves when it comes to TTC. Good luck & I hope the Clomid is all it takes for you. Hope this helps!


what's next - March 21

Thanks Mega, what is ovarian drilling? What do injectibles do? As you can tell, I'm really new to the whole fertility treatment thing


Mega - March 22

There's so many fertility treatment options out there, it gets confusing even if you've been seeing a specialist for quite awhile. :) Ovarian Drilling is a surgery where they use lasers to "drill" holes in each ovary. It helps balance hormones in women with PCOS, which is just a hormonal imbalance anyway. It's not quite as bad as it sounds. Supposedly after the surgery most women end up O on their own & usually 80% get PG within one year of the surgery, most will end up PG within 3 to 6 mos. post drilling. However Ovarian Drilling isn't a first pass treatment, it's usually done when Clomid doesn't work, & the woman becomes resistant. And not all drs will perform Ovarian Drilling either. Injectibles are just fertility drugs that you inject rather than take orally like Clomid. They're more expensive but have a similar success rate to the ovarian drilling. HTH!



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