what r the chances of getting pregnant with 1 tube?
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starlgyht24 - August 26

Hi I have two children 5 and 3. I just had an ectopic pregnancy 2 weeks ago. I had to have emergency surgery like a csection etc. I am no longer in any pain and the bleeding has stopped. I was able to have sex for the first time after that and it was totally comfortable. I am just wondering what the chances are of getting pregnant again with one tube and will the odds be against me if I get pregnant again right away. I know people who have gotten pregnant right after they had their baby and everything was fine. I am just curious to other peoples situations. Thanks!


leonia - August 26

hi starlgyht24,i watched show on discovery health one night about women who had lost a tube.the doctor said woman with one tube have just as much chance of getting pregnant than women who have both.each month both ovaries prepare an egg ,first egg done gets to go,with one tube that egg wins by default.now about getting pregnant right away,doctors say it's best to wait at least one full cycle to try again.best of luck


starlgyht24 - August 26

Thanks Leonia that makes me feel so much better. I am assuming I will be starting my period in a couple of weeks due to the fact I just lost the baby 2 weeks ago. I am not for sure though if it still works the same after losing a baby.


Luna - August 26

hi starlgyht24 if I was you I would check with your doctor how long you should wait. I had an ectopic Jan 03 and I was told to wait 3 months before trying again. My surgrey was key hole but I was told that if I'd had the full surgery with them having to cut me open I would have had to wait a year. It then took me over two yrs to full pg again. Hope this dosen't put you off but everyone is differant. Goodluck.


Heather - August 26

My mom had four children with only one ovary. She had brother and me and then had a cyst on one of her ovaries that was about the size of a grapefruit. She had my three brothers and sister with just one. So it is possible.



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