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Harley - December 22

We have been ttc for 2 years, in March this year I was dx with pcos by my GP & referred to a ob/gyn for further treatment. In March before seeing the gyno we fell pregnant only to mc in June. We have now been trying again for 6 months with no luck. I had my 1st appointment with the gyno last week and had a blood test a few days ago. He called me today with the results which were not good. The blood showed I definatly do have pcos although and u/s says I don't. He was going to put me on clomid but the blood also showed that I am o'ing on my own and my af's are kind of regular so he said the chance of multiple babies is higher than he is willing to risk so he won't give me the prescription. He also said a laporoscopy is not needed either because I am o'ing. Basically these results have left the doctor with no form of treatment other than monthly blood tests to check for any changes. My gyno is fantastic and has the best reputation so I know deep down he knows what he is doing. You could even tell in his voice how useless he felt. I just can't believe this is happening and I just don't know where to go from here. After the mc I have been eating better and exercising more, I have even lost 5lbs. I want off this emotional rollercoaster so bad. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.


bump - December 22



Mega - December 22

I'm sorry that you're going through this roller coaster right now. I'd definitely suggest seeing a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). They do more monitoring & are more aggressive in their treatment options. I'm sure a RE would put you on medication but again they'd do more monitoring to decrease somewhat the chance of multiples. Are you on Metformin for the PCOS? Though different drs have different methods for dx PCOS, from what my drs have said you don't necessarily have to have polycystic ovaries to have PCOS. Anyway, hang in there & I hope you get a 2nd opinion. I think there are plenty of options left for you. One other idea, have you had a HSG yet? That just makes sure your tubes aren't blocked. HTH! Baby dust!


me - December 22

I would agree with Mega. I undestand your drs concerns about multiples, but clomid is used for other things too, i.e egg quality. As long as you are being monitored frequently while on the meds, you should be fine. How does the dr know your definitely Oing? Through progesterone tests? I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months back, having the string of pearls appreance on my ovaries, but ALL my bloodwork cam eout fine. There was no known reason for my PCOS other than it being at a cellular level. I am now 2 months pregnant. My advice is to get a second opinion, preferrably an RE like Mega suggested. Good luck to you!


trying for #3 - December 23

ME: congrats on your pregnancy...did you use meds. I myself have PCOS, and have a 15mth with no meds or any thing and trying for number 3 now but I am breastfeeding, so ovulation may be a problem


Harley - December 23

Thank you Mega and Me. I spoke with my dh this afternoon about what we are going to do. He has some very strong feelings about falling pregnant naturally or it wasn't meant to be. Although I was doing opk's every month we are going to try charting my temps and also start using preseed as I have never noticed any ewcm, my dh said he has only noticed it once or twice. Is it wishfull thinking to hope that is my only problem? There is no RE anywhere close to where I live but I heard today through a customer at work there is a very good fertility clinic about an hour away so we will try the preseed for 2 cycles and then if not sucessfull will see about getting into the clinic. I will try to stay pos, we have done it once before naturally so surely we can do it again! Happy holidays


Mega - December 23

That sounds like a very good plan, Harley. I don't think it's wishful thinking at all. If you've been pregnant naturally once it's certainly possible (& likely) to happen again. Good luck! I've heard lots of good things about PreSeed--I've even held a preseed baby! Keep us posted.



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