What meds or herbs are you taking to help IF?
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~S - July 21

I created this thread as a way we can all post what meds or herbs that we have used that have worked and didn't work. I see that a lot of us have the same questions, so I felt this might be helpful.


~S - July 21

I was dx with PCOS. It take Metformin 500 mg twice a day. I was on it previously and stopped taking it. Since quitting in April, I have not had a period. So I decided I should get back on it. I am looking into taking herbs or possibly having acupunture. I am desparate to get back to ovulating and fairly normal cycles.


merlee - July 21

HI, great idea! I have been taking herbs (vitex for about 6 months, dong qui, red clover, red raspberry, evening primrose for about 2 months). Last week I got the book "The Infertility Cure" using traditional chinese med. and made some changes to the herbs I am taking (added black cohosh, astragalus) and trying accupressure. I have not really looked into accupuncture yet, b/c I am afraid of the cost. I am hoping the accupressure will do the job and this will straighten me out.


Dawn - July 22

I couldn't get preg for 2 1/2 years until I got in contact with a nutritionist who formulates and grows his own herbs. He told me what to take (over the phone) and I was preg in 2 1/2 months. I would be more than Happy to share his phone number and the information with those of you who really want a baby! :) It is completely safe and natural with no side effects! My email is [email protected]. My son is now 2 and I am trying for #2 and am on the herbs again to concieve.


merlee - July 22

Dawn, thank you for the info. But I think I will try the suggestions in this book first, since I have already bought the herbs. How much did your herbs cost? and what area (state?) does this man live in? I am very interested, but I have already committed to the other for now. I will keep that in mind, though.


Dawn - July 23

To merlee--Hi! The nutritionist lives in Ohio, but will send you the herbs if you don't live near him. That is what i did. I am from PA. They cost 40.00 a bottle which lasts about a month, depending on how much he has you take. I took angelica root and hers. Hers is a combination of different herbs he formulated. It does have black cohosh in it. There are about 15 different herbs in the hers.


merlee - July 23

Dawn, does he formulate a special herb package just for you based on your symptoms or is it "one size fits all"? Thanks



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