what meds are you on for iui's?
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1st timer - September 15

this is my first month with help ttc...doc has given me 100 mg of clomid to take day 2 (today)until day 6 (5days worth then stop the clomid) and add in on day 6 the shots hmg 225. then he will tell me if/when to do the hcg shot (ultrasound monitoring and blood)and then progesterone suppositories for 14 days (if not pg then stop them at 14days), if i do get pg then for 7 weeks i have to do progesterone suppositories 2x/day . Is this excessive or normal. I am 39 dh 41. I ovulate normally, dh has some motility issues.How does this stack up with what you all are going through with your iui's.


bump - September 16



Tonya - September 19

This is my 1st IUI, also. I think the progesterone stuff is normal. I took clomid last month and we did timed relations (no IUI) and I had to do the suppositories once a day until my test confirmed that I wasn't preg. Good luck to ya'll.


Judi - September 19

I did my first IUI on August 11th and it worked! I tested positive 13 days later, and I am now 7 weeks. We tried for 3 1/2 years on our own, with no luck, so we went to a fertility clinic. I ovulate normally as well, but my husband has a problem with morphology. We were told that there was only a 5% chance that IUI would work for us. Not only did it work, it worked on the first try! They did put me on fertility meds to increase our chances, so I took Arimidex (instead of Clomid) on day 4, and then I did 100 IU of Follistim from day 6-11. I then had an injection of Ovidrel on day 12 to stimulate ovulation. After the IUI, I had to use Crinone progesterone cream every other day for 16 days, and then I switched to progesterone suppositories twice a day once I tested positive. Good luck to everyone who is also trying this, and remember that it is possible to beat the odds...we did!



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