What made you decide to leave your RE and find a new one?
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Carl's wife - March 14

We have seen our RE since November. We are already thinking about finding another one but We also know that it can slow down the treatment. If there is anybody who has changed doctors, could you tell me what made you think you should move on to another doctor?


BrendaW - March 14

I changed doctors because mine was not helpful or supportive at all. He made me feel stupid and didnt take my worries and thoughts into consideration.


eb - March 14

Hi all, I am getting to that stage where i'm wondering about my re. He has great numbers, but unfortunately i haven't been one of the. I also don't feel that he's moved as quickly as i'd like . I go back on 3/27 if no better i may be looking for a new dr...


Carl's wife - March 14

Hello, BrendaW and eb. I guess I am feeling the same way about our re right now. I think he sometimes does not explain things enough. He is not agressive as we want him to be, either.


Carl's wife - March 14

BrendaW, how do you like your new one?


DNK - March 14

I changed doctors because mine kept blowing me off. my hubby and i have been trying for 2 years and she kept telling me that we're still young and shouldn't be in a rush to start fertility treatments and sometimes it just takes time (i'm 22 and he's 23). i want to figure out what's wrong before it's to late though...i dont want to keep blowing it off and one day i wake up and i'm 35 and still haven't had a child yet because my doctor thought i shouldn't be in such a rush. so i stopped seeing her and have an appointment with my new doctor next month...i'm hoping she's willing to be more aggressive with me and not blow me off because she thinks we're "to young". well good luck and i hope you find someone to help you get your baby!



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