what is wrong with this forum??
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missy - December 11

no questions or replies are moving up or anything. i wish we knew how to get onto someone esle to fix it!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!anyone know anything???


Elena - December 12

its looks like have to register otherwise it does not look like it will post.. right hand corner.


MuzikGurl - December 12

umm..I registered and they still aren't moving up...sorry to burst your bubble..there is another post on here that is complaining of the same thing...I think the webmaster is realizes this and made it like this so you will have to take time to go through posts and actually read and maybe give other posters a chance to get their questions answered otherwise they won't get bumped up like the more "popular" questions and concerns. good luck!


beth - December 12

i just sent a note to the editor about the problem. we'll see what happens. baby dreams to all!!


Servers I guess - December 12

It happens to everyone from time to time


sandi - December 12

i agree with all the complaints. I think they may have changed it because of a lot of fake posts. my name is not sandi but sandra and when i registered it says someone already chosen name sandra. obviously, there are more than one person with same name. Did anyone else have this problem. I have sent a note to the web host so if everyone does that then maybe it will get fixed.


sobaka - December 12

hope it all fixed now.



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