What is wrong with me???
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Suzan - July 20

HI I am on clomid and I know for sure that I ovulated when I was suppose to...I am 6 days late for AF and my doctor told me that if I don't start and I'm not pregnant he is not sure why ...nice!!! does anyone have any information??? apparently when you ovulate you will get AF unless of course your ++++


For Susan from XOkimXO - July 22

Dont get frustrated. I recently became pregnant after only 2 months of trying. only to have a miscarriage at 2 and a 1/2 months. Then my doc waited 2 months and put me on clomid 50mg/days 5-9. Nothing happened. For 2 months i did 50mg then my doc raised me to 100mg and nothing happened with that either. Now its month 4 and my doc started me today on femara which i have heard some good things about. I can tell you that some doctors have no bed side manner. When i had my M/C the doc looked at me and said..."Thats all part of life. Move on and try again." I remember being so angry and so frustrated that my loss meant nothing to her. But i did realize eventually that they have been desensatized from feelings towards certain aspects of their career. I know that when you take clomid you should get your period 15 to 18 days after you ovulate. If not then you may be pregnant or you may not have charted correctly or you may not be regular yet if you have recently went off birth control. I know its frustrating. Try not to get to worked up and try to relax. Relaxing helps with your stress levels. Which over all will hopefully help you get pregnant. I hope this gave you a little bit of insite. please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
From KIM


Suzan - July 23

Thank you very much Kim for your information, well I am not pregnant and i still haven't seen AF, I started taking progesterone to kick AF's butt into gear. My doctor has not added another med to my list Metformin!! I do have PCOS but I do not have an insulin resistance or any insulin problems for that matter so I am not sure as to why I was put on Met. but I am going to try my combination and hopefully it helps thanks again!


D, - July 23


What did you do to know for sure when you O'd? Do you chart? The reason I ask is because many of us will get a positive OPK, or get fertile cervical mucus, or get O pains, and we believe that means we are about to O or are O'ing, but our bodies sometimes, even when they give us all the cues that ovulation is about to happen, simply don't release the egg (even on Clomid). The only way to know for sure that you O'd is 1) charting 2) Ultrasound 3) Blood progesterone levels. So, there is a possibility that may you didn't O or that it was much later than expected. Just a thought.


Lena - July 23

Hmm...I can think of several reasons for no AF after ovulation... Persistant CL, double ovulation, ovarian cyst, hormonal inbalance...and I'm not a doctor. All of these things are covered in undergrad (ie premed) theriology classes. All of these are pretty standard and pretty common. You may consider finding yourself a doctor familiar with repro. If he can't figure out the easy stuff, I'd hate to think how long you'll have to wait for him to figure out the complex stuff.



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