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Michelle - September 20

I am obsessed with getting pregnant. It is all I think about. Why can't I be grateful for all the gifts that God has given me? I have a wonderful husband and unbelievable children. Yet all I can think about is having another child. People have children dying of horrible diseases, people have lost EVERYTIHNG due to Katrina and all I think about is my temp and OPK results for the day. I sit with my son on my lap reading to him and all I can think about is getting back to this board to see if anyone can tell me what my body is doing. How stupid is that?! My midwife told me not to feel guilty because it's my heart's desire. Since when does a woman's "heart's desire'" excuse her for being absent from her husband and children? Sometimes I feel that my "heart's desire" is a sin against God and my family. Am I rejecting all that he has already given me; am I being greedy? Does anyone else feel this way? I wish that I didn't want this so. Please tell me if I'm alone.


knap - September 20

So have like 10 kids and be happy!


Rita - September 20

.Michelle, I don't thin that there is anything wrong with you. I don't have children yet as we are now TTC our first, but I too sometimes get really frustrated about getting PG. I guess u should just relax and you soon will have your baby. Are u TTC # 2? and what does your DH think about having another child? Good Luck & Lot's of Baby Dust


me - September 20

I don't know your background or anything, and I mean no disrepect, but are you happy with your current life situation? Sometimes people think that having something will make them happy and it won't. Some people think a new house will do it or liposuction, etc... Happiness comes from inside you. I do not think you are being greedy as you put it, but I just want to make sure you are truly happy with what you have. If you are, then you should proceed with another child. Just a thought... good luck!



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