what is the symptoms of an eptopic?
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sona - February 5

I just was wanting to know if someone can help me?
I started my first round of clomid in Jan. I O around the 15th and took a hpt on the 30th and got a faint pos line, I wnet to the doctor and my hgc levels were 13 went back a day and half later and my levels were only 19. I go back tomorrow to check again. I am concerned about an etopic because I had a tubal reversal in April 2005 and I havent had a successful preg. yet. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lynn - February 5

Sona.....I had an ectopic in Sept 2005. I was not the normal text book case and pretty much stumped my RE. I had a bold HPT and when I went a day later my levels were 1,200. Two days later they were 3,900 and seemed to be doing okay. I had some more and they stopped doubling but were still rising (a sign) and I also bleed once a day (brown) and nothing major. When I went for an internal ultrasound at cd 45, there was nothing but blood in my uterus ( no sign of sac, yolk or anything). I went back a week later for a 3-D internal ultrasound and still nothing but blood however my uterine ling was developed so they know something happened. I had no pain like some people sometimes do. I had a D&C on cd 53 and nothing came back in pathology report. Went for another level check (after D&C) and my levels were still rising. I was called that evening and told to ge tto the hospital ASAP. Went into laparscopic surgery that evening at 9:30pm. It was in my tube and about to burst. If you google ectopic pregnancies you will get some good sites. I went in on cd 45 and asked that question and that is when they began to look for it. Hope this helps and hope you do not have to go through it.


sona - February 5

Thanks alot Lynn yes that helps me alot.I am really scared of it being in my tube and bursting, so you think if Im montered closely it can be caught befor it burstes. I am really terrified of that happining and me loosing a tube or maybe even my life. So how far along was you when they found it?



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