What is the normal days of cycle on clomid
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shan - March 16

what is the normal days of cycle on clomid? What are anyone elses symtoms right now, I am on day 27 today, breasts, discharge, crampiness, what are you other gals feeling? And if i ovulated on day 17, when should i wait to test if i don't start in the next couple of days?


michelle - March 17

hi shan.... so your due on in 2 days or are your cycles normally longer?
hope ur ok... let us know when you do test.. day 24 so not long til i can..x


jb - March 17

Im on day 22 have heavy achy boobs very sharp lower tummy cramps back ache lots of discharge but hospital just told me they dont think i ovulated and my ovaries are inflammed so no good news 4 me!!! Shan fingers crossed 4 u x


Renee - March 17

I am on day 26 today on my first cycle of Clomid. I have some crampiness/dull paines in lower abdomen, back ache, and lots of discharge (way more than I even had at ovulation time). Are these symptoms people have had in past clomid cycles? My blood tests indicated that I did ovulate.



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