What is the next step if Clomid does not work?
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Kelly - April 4

Hi, I am curious to know what are the next steps if Clomid is not successful? My reg.ob put me on it and the clinic states that they handle infertility, but I do not know if that necessarily means they are specialists. Can someone help me please?


amy - April 5

also wondering about this


Silvie - April 5

Most likely, since Clomid didnt work, fertility specialits will try to give U hormones, usually injected, which either indirectly release hormones from pituitary gland.like GnRH /and those trigger egg production and ovulation,like FSH,LH,hCG/ or directly boost egg production. So simply you can expect therapy with being given injections first.


Kelly - April 5

Thanks Sylvia. Would you happen to know if they will try the injections before they do a laparoscopy or check for blocked tubes? Or is this later on down the road? Thanks again for your response!! Are you trying to conceive? How about you Amy?


Silvie - April 6

Hi Kelly, I personaly think they will try injections first,unless you have a history of having some sort of pelvic/cervical/vaginal infections. I myself was lucky,b/c I got pregnant with first cycle of Clomid/couldnt get pregnant ,because had no ovulation for months/,but I know these things from gynecology/obstetrics courses when I was medstudent, plus I have some books on it..because I was almost facing the same problem. Laparoscopy is kind of invasive..although necessary when nothing else succeeds.Blocked tubes can be detected less painfully with hysterosalpingography,which means injecting special solution,which is visible on scan..if tubes are not blocked,the solution,which is completely harmless makes it through tubes out into the body,doctor can see it on scan. Good luck!


mlafrance504 - April 6

Hi Kelly. I wasted six months on Clomid with my regular gyn. before I went to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility specialist). That's where I would start. If your regular office has one on staff make an appointment with him or her. He or she will run a series of tests to see what is going on with your hormone levels. Injectibles may not necessarily be were they will start you. There are other less invasive options to explore first. Hopefully my story will help...Fortunately for me my RE was able to come up with a preliminary diagnosis on my first vist. I have PCOS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome. As a result even though my cycles appear normal, I wasn't necessarily producing eggs or ovulating. To start to correct the hormone imbalance I started taking Metformin (glucophage) and that actually resulted in positive OPKs within the first cycle or two of taking it. Next, instead of Clomid, she prescribed a drug called Femara to help with egg production with the intention of doing IUI (artificial insemination). The first cycle was a no go for IUI but I did get an HCG trigger shot with no success. Last cycle my cysts were still so large I spent the month on birth control pills to calm everything down. This past cycle, I've continued with the Metformin, added the Femara days 3-7, added Estrace (estradiol) starting day 10 since I have low estrogen and a thin lining. When I went in on Day 12 I got my HCG trigger and we did the IUI on day 13. And on the evening of day 14 I added Prometrium (progesterone). Now fortunately for us it looks like we might have gotten the mix right this cycle. On day 26 (13dpo) I had a light line on my First Response HPT. Yesterday, day 27, I had a slightly darker line. Today's test was even darker though not technically positive. Right now I am waiting for the lab to call me with my first beta results. Hope this helps, best of luck


Silvie - April 8

mlafrance504, wishing you positive blood test!By the way my second line was much ligther too/and I was pregnant/, be sure it means more likely that you are really pregnant than not.


kelly - April 8

Thanks everyone for all of your encouraging stories and knowledge. mlafrance504 hope you get good news!! Baby Dust to all:P


susan - May 6

my obgn had run several test and put me on clomid for five cycle and found that she was overstimulating my ovaries and my progestone level was 15.5 and my ovaries were huge. so after one year of seeing her and two years of trying still no success. my husband sperm count is high sometimes and low sometimes so she said that she is not able to help us any more. i will give up amost anything just to get pregnant. i want to know what is my next step. can someone please help


shannon - May 7

I have taken 3 cycles of clomid now. So far it has not worked. Before I started clomid, my ob/gyn tested to make sure my tubes weren't blocked because she said it would be silly to do clomid if the tubes were blocked. My tubes were clear. I have asked her what the next step is. She said if the next round of clomid is unsucessful, we will do a laporoscopy to rule out endometriosis even though she said I have so signs or symptoms of it. From there, she said I can finish out two more cycles of clomid making it six months of clomid. If unsuccessful, then I can start IUI and if this is unsuccessful, I can do Artificial inseminiation. She said it is all up to me when I want to try IUI but said that six months on clomid is probably enough however, if I want to try IUI sooner I can. I think I will finish the clomid. I would think that it is a good idea to have the tests done for tube blockage and endometriosis before doing more invasisve fertility treatments because if these problems do exist, no fertility treatment is going to work. I hope this helps and baby dust to all : )


Kelly - May 7

Hey Shannon, thanks for your views. I am concerned now because my ob did not check to see if I had blocked tubes and I just began my first round of Clomid. I do have symptoms of endo., but have never had a lapro. Oh, I just cant stand feeling as though I am wasting time. Anyway, hopefully the Clomid will work and my tubes are ok. God reigns.


Shannon - May 7

Kelly, I think that you should ask your doctor about having those tests done. You don't want to go through the disappointment of having clomid not work if something else is stopping it from working. Even though clomid should be working for me, it is so disappointing when af comes each month. There probably is nothing else to be concerned about, but maybe it is better to get checked. Just a thought. Anyways, I hope that the clomid works for you on the first month then there will be no need to worry about getting the tests done. Good luck to you.


Kelly - May 8

Thanks Shannon! My next appt. is in a couple of weeks and I will mention all of these concerns to her. Best of luck to you. Hope you are preggers soon!!



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