What is Rokitansky syndrome
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Eli - February 23

I have 27 years and I have the primary amenorhea.The doctor's tell me that i have the Rokitansky syndrome.If somebody have this problem please answer to me


Amanda - March 3

I'm 22 and I have Rokitansky Syndrome. I have some information but not that much.


Eli - March 9

please Amanda can you write your email adress and we talk about this problem


Liz - June 22

I have Rokitansky Syndrome. I founf out when I was 18. I wa one of the few also born with a uterus. I had reconstructive surgery...which was 10 years ago. I am doing great and sex is normal. The hardest part was telling my now husband. He says he can not tell a difference.


May - June 22

Check the below site.




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