What is our next step.
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Allie - November 15

Hi Ladies. My dh and I have been ttc for 10mos. We really thought we had it this time, but once again AF showed up (two days late). We were so disappointed. I actually feel depressed this time (and I told myself I wouldn't do this to myself). Anyway, my dh is going for his semen analysis next week. What is our next step if it comes out low/normal? Thanks for any info.


Mega - November 15

Hi Allie. Good luck, I hope your DH's SA shows tons of healthy little swimmers! But when my OB told me the results of my DH's SA, she then referred me to a RE, saying she'd see me again when I'm PG. My DH has 5% morphology & is just a little low on the motility side. But to make up for things, his count is extremely high. For us, we discussed trying IUI first. I should be doing my 2nd IUI this weekend/early next week. We were bummed at first to hear about the male issues, of course b/c we were already working thru my PCOS. But I love my RE & he seems to think we have a really good shot at getting preggo with the IUI. But anyway, you're off to an excellent start getting your husband's SA done. Good luck!!! I hope you get good news, but if you don't, just hang in there, they're making lots of fertility advances & you'll still have an excellent chance of achieving your dream of parenthood. HTH!


dea - November 15

Hi Allie: DH has a low count and bad morphology. We were referred to a specialist. MY piece of advice- don't wait too long if his counts need help. We started all this testing over the summer and JUST did a first IUI because we were our own advocates. If we waited for the drs. I would be 40 before they moved forward. Don't let them "stall" you. Keep things moving forward. Time will fly by- especially if you find something that needs work... Best of luck-


Allie - November 15

Hi Mega! Thanks for the info. I see your posts a lot and you seem to be very helpful to everyone. I really appreciate your good wishes. Hopefully things will work out for us. Good luck to you too.


Allie - November 15

Thank you dea. I went to see my doc back in June and she told me to wait until January (1 year). I waited only b/c she told me to, and that it was normal not to be preg before one year, but now I am getting impatient and will make sure when I go back in Dec. that things get moving for me! Thank you for your advice.


Mega - November 15

Thanks Allie! I hope I help a little. Thanks for your good wishes too. :) Good advice, Dea--I agree 100%. There are cases where it's best not to wait that 1 year they recommend.


Allie - November 23

To Mega and Dea: Just wanted to update you...My dh went for his SA and he is "good to go". His count is fine. I think that took a lot of pressure off of him. We have started again and I am waiting for no AF on 12/11. Hopefully we will receive the best Christmas present - a BFP!! I have an appointment for myself on 12/19 to speak with my doctor regarding our next step incase AF shows on the 11th. Anyway, good luck to you both!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


dea - November 24

Allie: I'm so glad DH came out "normal". The next thing you might want to consider is an HSG. It's when they check to see if your tubes are blocked or not. My dr. gave me a list of tests they run. We started at the top ...worked our way down. Of course- once spermies came back not so hot we focused more on that. However- I still had an HSG done to make sure I was OK. Why go through with IUI's if your tubes are cooperating!?! Uncomfortable: yes. Worth it: Yes!! The more you know- the better. Best of luck...hope to hear BFP soon!


Babygirl - November 26

I am not sure what to tell you to do next but i want you to know iam also going through the same thing.I have been ttc for 7 months now i am 21 and my husband is 26.I really want a baby allie we can wait together for a baby.Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!


Babygirl - November 26

Allie iam glad the sperm was good.I have never been to check things out how long do you think i should wait?


Sara - November 26

Hi allie, dh and I have been ttc for 2 yrs. I know exactly how you feel when af shows up. I have unexplained infertility. Month after month is all the same. I even went to a reflexoloist this month to help relax my body but sure enough af showed up yesterday. I'm taking a break this cycle so I can enjoy the holidays without all the stresses of trying to get pregnant. I wish you all the best.


Allie - November 28

Babygirl. Thanks for your good wishes. I am 33 and my dh is 37...we're getting so impatient. We can wait together. I would suggest getting your dh spermies checked out as soon as possible since you've been ttc for 7 mos. Dea, well, if I am not pg this month, I am going on the 19th of December to talk to my doctor about my next step/tests. I've been hearing a lot about women's tubes being blocked. Hopefully it won't come to that. Sara, my dh and I decided to take a break too for the month. I'm not using my CBE monitor or opk tests. It feels good not to stress, but then again, in the back of my mind I am thinking "when shoud I be oing"...hahaha. Anyway, Good Luck to all of you!!! Baby Dust to everyone!!


dea - November 29

Hi ALLIE: AF visited me on Saturday. 19 months and counting for DH and I. We too are taking Dec. off. We are changing some things (DH meds) to see if it helps sperm count. It will be wild if the only thing we needed all this time was to change his meds!! Either way- I will be happy that we have done everything we could. Then- back to the IUI!! ~~DUST TO YOU ALL~~


Allie - November 29

Hi DEA: Sorry AF visited you on Saturday. I wish you and your dh the best of luck!! Hopefully he does just need the meds! Keep me posted! Baby dust to you too!!


Mega - November 29

Hi Allie, I'm so glad your DH's SA turned out normal. What a relief that is, I'm sure. Good luck! I'm in my 2 WW now as well, so I'm hoping for that BFP in time for Christmas as well.


Allie - November 29

Hi Mega: I hope you get your bfp for Christmas too!!!! Good Luck!!! Keep me posted and I will do the same!!


Mega - November 29

Thanks! Great, I'll keep you posted too.



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