What is metformin
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Confused - September 17

This may sound really silly, I have been seeing an RE for 6 months after TTC for 3 years. I have been doing FSH injections and clomid but on here I have been reading many postings from people on metformin. What is it and how is it taken? Anybody gotten pregnant after using it that didn't get pregnant from repronex (FSH injection)


Kerri - September 18

Metformin is a diabetic medication used to control insulin---in many women that have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome Metfomin tends to assist in regular ovulation and decrease androgen hormones to near normal levels. Hope this helps--I've been on it for a week!


Confused - September 18

Thank you. I do have PCOS and was not having periods. I think if I am not pg this month I will talk to my RE about that medication because I am looking for something that will help a little more with my insulin control to (my pcos is also giving me slightly elivated blood sugar). Do you know how much it costs on average? I am guessing since it is a diabetic medication my insurance would cover it but I am not sure.


Kerri - September 18

I have a 50.00 out of pocket I have to pay before insurance covers it and I paid about 26.00 for a one month supply--a dosage of 2000 mg a day--I'm only taking 500, but Monday i'll bump up to 1000, then 1500 the next week, and then 2000 the following week--so far no side effects


Confused - September 18

Kerri- that is great that you have had no side effects yet. Is it pill or injection?


Sara - September 18

Hi Confused, I'm on Metformin too, I'm suppose to take 3 pills a day but I only take 2 b/c of the side effects. I get diarrhea when I take 3. I've been on it since Feb and so far nothing. I've talked to some people that were on it and it seemed to work for them. Anyway good luck.


Kerri - September 18

It is in a pill form--either 500mg or 850mg. It needs to be taken at meals or with milk. Tomorrow I'll increase my dosage so I'll let you know how I do



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