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ME - November 16

99% of the time after DH & I bd, I have a small amount of creamy, white discharge that comes out only when I use the bathroom. It doesn't matter if I lay in bed for 3 minutes & then go to the bathroom, or for 30 minutes, most of the time that discharge comes out. It is not all of the sperm coming back out is it? I was at the DR. yesterday & had so many other questions for him, that somehow this one completely slipped my mind! If someone could please help me, I would be greatly appreciative!


Mega - November 16

Hi Me. It could be your CM mixing with your DH's semen after intercourse, this would esp. be true around your more fertile times. But don't worry, most of the sperm gets to where it needs to go. This is normal & nothing to worry about, according to a search I did. If you're still worried though, I'd still ask your doctor. If there's an odor to the discharge though, then it might be something you need checked out. Otherwise, it's normal & not uncommon. I've seen it before myself.


ME - November 16

Great...thanks! The discharge has no oder at all (not that I can tell anyway) but I just wanted to make sure that everything was headed in the direction it was supposed to!! :)


me - November 16

Mega is correct. The sperm gets to its destination usually within minutes actually. It is the semen, the medium that the sperm are in, that comes out afterwards. I had the same issue and always laid in bed for 30 minutes afterwards with a towel under me because of it. Sorry if tmi :) What I am trying to say is that it is normal. I just found out I am pregnant so I know it is true! Mega speaks the truth! Good luck!


Mega - November 16

Oh ME, congrats! So exciting. Hope you have a very healthy, happy 9 mos!


ME - November 16

Thanks for the information me! I am very reassured now knowing that it is normal! I can never get tmi...I do the same thing though, I lay in baed for 30 minutes afterward...hopefully I can follow in your footsteps! Congrats to you!! Hopefully I will be following shortly!


Mega - November 16

Okay, I think I just congratulated the wrong me. So, let's try it again, congrats "me" on the pregnancy. All these me's on this thread. You want to hear something funny--I could also be a "me" as those are my initials. But I think I'll stick with Mega instead.


ME - November 16

3 me's could get to be a bit confusing! However, I do hope that soon this "ME" will be congratulated! This is such an exciting time!



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