What is implantation bleeding?
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dakota - June 10

Can someone please explain to me what implantation bleeding is?


kc - June 10

dakota - after the egg is fertilized it travels down your tubes and floats in your uterus for 6 to 9 days. Some where in the 6 to 9 days it attaches to the uterus (implantation) and forms into a yolk sac(later becomes placenta) and the embryo (the baby). Some women experience light spotting called implantation bleeding. At this time the placenta sends out the HCG hormone which doubles every 2 days. I hope this helps. I probably gave you too much information. I tend to do that. Sorry


b - June 11

If you are more than about 6 weeks along, it may not be implantation bleeding. Ask your doc about a suchorionic hematoma! I had a large one at 11 weeks. I bled heavily for 6 weeks, then spotted on and off until 33 1/2 weeks when my water broke. It may be worth asking about. Good Luck!



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