What is going on?
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Ashley - November 15

i went of my bcp after 10 years in feb. i had one normal period, then nothing until june when i had a mc. in july and august i had normal periods agian. aug 2 was my last period. in the past two weeks, i have had extremely sore nipples, some ewcm, and starting today, my breasts are sore as well...anyone have any idea what is going on?


Mega - November 15

Have you tested lately? I'm guessing though with the EWCM, you might just now be ovulating. A very late ovulation this cycle. I'm sorry about your m/c by the way. But since you did get pg in June, we can assume even with your highly irregular cycles you are ovulating on your own. The sore nipples & breasts could be pregnancy or of course Ov. signs & with the EWCM I'm inclined to think most likely Ov related. But with pregnancy, there tends to be discharge too. So in light of that, I'd consider getting tested to be sure. Have you talked to your OB about your crazy cycles? If you're not pg, Clomid might help you regulate ovulation & your cycle. Good luck. I hope this works out the way you want it to.


Ashley - November 17

thanks mega, i just saw my doc yesterday and they are gonna start me on my first cycle of clomid in a few weeks!


Mega - November 17

Great! I'm glad you saw your dr. That's wonderful that you're getting help right now for the irregular cycles. I have PCOS, dx in April, so I can definitely relate to your post. Good luck with the Clomid!



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