What is BBT and how do I chart my cycle?
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Mis - August 9

If I even asked that question right. We have been ttc since 11/04 and no success. Until about 3 months ago, I started using Ovulation kits tesing my urine but still no success. I'm 31 and we want to have another child. Is there anything else I can do. I read about these woman charting their temperature. Whats that about? I read alot online about this stuff but nothing helps. Any ideas from anyone. Thanks


KellyN - August 9

Oh my! I can't believe no one has answered this one yet. I'll give it a go... I take my temps with a digital thermometer at 5:30 every morning, making sure I have slept for at least 3 hours before taking it. Supposedly sleeping for 3 hours brings your temp down to your basal body temp (bbt). Use a digital to get down to smaller increments like I have one that reads to tenths (98.3). You will want to chart from the beginning of your cycle through the end. When you ovulate, your temperatures will go up. I get a heads up to my af a couple days early because my temps start to dip two days before af starts. Hoping for no temp dip at the end of this week!!! Hope this helps! -kelly


D. - August 9

Kelly's on it! If you want to make it easier, sign up for a free account at www.fertilityfirend.com. It pretty much does all the work for you and answers all your questions.



Kay - August 9

Try using www.fertilityfriend.com. They do all the charting for you.


kay - August 9

Sorry about repeating D's response. It wasn't up when I posted. :)


D, - August 10

Except Kay actually spelled it right. :)


KellyN - August 10

Oh, yes, I use FertilityFriend too. What a great site (and FREE!). -kelly


Mis - August 10

Thanks for your help. Let me see if I understand what KellyN said. When I check my temperature I use a regular thermometer (digital) and when my temperature goes up that's when I'm ovulating. Is that right? Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. I hope something works. I will also check out fertility friend website. Thanks again


D. - August 10

Pretty much, yes. But there are Rules (you just knew there had to be rules, right?). 1) You must take your temperature before you do ANYTHING else! No going to the bathroom, no snuggling with DH, no going to find the thermometer (keep it on the nightstand). 2) No drinking the night before because that may elevate your temperatures. 3) You need to do it at exactly the same time everyday (if you sleep in on weekends, set the alarm to temp at the normal time then go back to sleep). You will find that your "normal" pre-O temps will probably be in the 97.0 to 97.7 range (or thereabouts, everyone is different). After you ovulate, the temp will go up a minimum of .2, and will stay up until AF hits (or stay up because you're pregnant). The day AF is due, you'll most likely see a temp drop. Some of us don't but most of us do. Oh, and get yourself the book "taking charge of your fertility". It's AWESOME!


to Mis - August 10

once your temp goes up and stays elevated for 3 consecutive days that means you have already ovulated. You ovulate on the last day of low temps. once the temps go up ovulation is done and over with. you should bd the day of the temp rise just in case the egg is still alive and in case there was a second egg released. fertility friend will draw a coverline once your temps have shifted and this will make it a lot clearer for you


Mis - August 10

Thanks again for all your help once again. It really helped me understand it better. Lets cross our fingers for this month. Thanks!



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