what is baby asprin ??????
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shas - March 6

I've been reading the questions on this site now for 2wks I might be being thick but time and time again I've read that some ladies are taking baby asprin wot is this could someone please explain.


k - March 6

Some people need to take 1 baby aspirin (aspirin you would buy at the store for your baby) a day to aid in getting pregnant. Baby aspirin is a blood thinner and can help if people have certain blood problems.


Manda - March 6

Yes, Baby asprin is nothing but blood thinners and it is SAFE for you to take.


Estee P - March 7

But why do you want to thin your blood for getting pregnant? What is the problem that you could have with your blood?


amy - March 8

baby aspirin may help reduce clotting in your uterus and for some reason it helps keep your body from rejecting the fetus in the first trimester (autoimmune response)..


Aliana - March 8

You are best to consult with your doctor though because there are several contraindications to taking aspirin. It is a blood thinner however, this also means you are less likely to clot if you bleed. Just be careful.


Christine - March 15

I've read that women take it to thicken the lining on thier uterus...


Nik - March 15

I am taking 1 "baby" aspirin (81mg) a day while trying to conceive to prevent my blood from clotting, to prevent antibody issues since I am RH- and to promote a thicker uterine lining since I have had 2 miscarriages. My doctor has prescribed this therapy to help prevent another miscarriage. I have read a lot about this on-line as well.


h - March 16

baby asprin isnt the kind you buy for your baby because you ARE NOT supposed to give babies asprin because they can contrat some disease from it. baby asprin is just the lowest does (81mg) of asprin which is sold for ADULTS, and it comes in pill form.



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