What is a normal progesterone level after O
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Frustrated! - August 8

Does anyone know what numeric value your progesterone level should be to know if ovulation occured? The nurse told me that my level 7dpo was 13.8 and that I may, or may not, have ovulated...which I could have told them that---can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Mari - August 8

I was told by my RE that anything above 10 is good if you are not on medications. If you take meds it should be above 15. So there is a good chance you O. Hope this helped. Good luck.


D. - August 8

I agree with Mari. Anything over 10 is definitely an O number. You might want to talk to the doctor directly on that one. I don't think she knows what she's talking about.


Kerri - August 9

Thanx for the input. I think I'll call and talk to my doctor today or tomorrow b/c the nurse didn't seem too sure about what she was reporting to me. There was no medication involved so 13.8 sounds on target compared to the info I've read on the internet.


Lena - August 9

5 indicates that you've ovulated but 10 is the targted range as that is the minimum needed to substain a pregnancy.


Katie - August 9

I just had my progesterone levels done at 21 days, which for me is just after O. What the doctor said is all numbers below 5 show you haven't O, above 5 shows you have; however, your numbers should be between 15 and 50. My levels were at 11 so I am considered low. I am going to see a specialist next week and will most likely be put on supplements. I have had a couple of miscarriages and this is probably why because with the low progesterone level it cannot sustain a pregnency. I would say yes you ovulate; however, like me your levels are low. You probably want to talk with your Dr. regarding your next steps. Hope this helps.


D. - August 9

Katie, how soon after ovulation was it? One of my peeves with the medical profession on P4 testing is when they have us come in on CD21, assuming that we have 28 day cycles, and Ovulate on the 14th day. Obviously if you ovulated on CD18, you were only 3 days post Ovulation, where the numbers they are looking for have women who DO have a 28 day cycle and DO ovulate on CD14, are at 7DPO. Does that make sense? They should be aiming for mid luteal phase in YOUR cycle, not an "average" cycle. So, if you Ovulated on CD20, and have an LP of 14, they should be testing you around CD27 (half way into your LP). If you Ovualted on CD10, and have an LP of 14, they should be testing you on CD17. That's why I'm asking about how soon after ovulation was it.


To D - August 9

Basically what he said as soon as you ovulate your levels should go up that much whether it's the day after or 5 days after. To my knowledge your progesterone level does not really rise like HCG levels do when you are pregenent, it is basically considered below 5 not ovulating, above 5 you have ovulated, below 15 low progesterone. This showing that if I had been under 5 I wouldn't have ovulated yet. I monitor my temperature and I know my temperature peaked the day after I had my blood work done which basically means I ovulated that day or the day prior. I am still pretty new to all this but my Dr. said I did ovulated as per the #'s, Once I go to the specialist on the 23 I will be bringing all my temperature charts along and will have more information from the specialist.


Kerri - August 9

Sooo..13.8 is ovulation...but can be considered low progesterone---is that right? The nurse told if I was pregnant this cycle, they would probably give me progesterone orally.


D. - August 9

Actually, while not like HCG (you are correct) they do peak and then decline the closer you get to AF. That's why they choose CD21. Of course, the numbers themselves do change from day to day and cycle to cycle. But just after O is simply too soon. I did just have one of the ladies over at another forum go through this. They were testing her every couple of days. They had started too soon and her levels came in at about 5 or so. Here's the link ---- http://www.talk.sheknows.c
--- Can you see what a difference a couple of days made (oh, and she was pregnant after all!)


Lena - August 9

To clear up some confusion, a progesterone level of 10, 8 days post ovulation is enough to maintain a pregnancy. Its not the desired target rate, but its enough. Progesterone levels will continue to rise until they level off approximately 4 days before af. The level will then dramatically drop which triggers the LH & FSH spikes and estrogen production.


Kerri - August 10

I DID talk to the doctor yesterday--he said that he thought I O'ed and to call him next week to either state that AF came or that I'm pregnant. If BFP, then he'll put me on progesterone..if BFN, then we'll start IUI next cycle. At least O DID occur :) Baby Dust to everyone !!!!


KellyN - August 10

Lena, so if projesterone peaks than goes down to trigger estrogen release, what happens to me? My doc said to continue taking my projesterone supplement until af comes. Will af come while I'm taking it?? -kelly


Lena - August 10

Kelly, AF may or maynot come. It really depends on your natural progesterone levels vs your supplemental levels and the idiopathies of the human body. If your body is producing significant amount and you are supplementing just a minor amount, then your natural decrease would trigger af. However if your body is barely producing and you are supplementing a huge amount, then that huge amount would still be present in your body even after your natural levels dropped.


KellyN - August 10

Yikes! I might not get af! Af is supposed to be here on Saturday. If its not and I'm not pg, I'm calling the doc on monday to get this straightened out. Its hard enough getting pg! I don't want this hormone therapy stuff if its going to hold everything up!


D. - August 10

Kelly, your doctor should have a plan in place: Come in and do a beta, or take an HPT (I hate it when they do this since HPTs are not exactly the best way to truly know if you are pg) before you stop taking progesterone. Once the negative test is confirmed they should tell you to stop the progesterone to give your cycle a chance to start.


KellyN - August 10

D and Lena, thanks for all your information! What a big help! This web site is great!!!



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