What is a good progesterone level?
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salbo - November 6

Last month i took 150mg of clomid as my level was only 19. After my day 21 blood test i found my result is 46! and im still not pregnant!!! i have been told 30 is ok, does anyone know what a great result is? Thanks x


Ann1 - November 6

Unmedicated, I believe they want the cd21 over 10 and with Clomid, I think they want it over 15. It definitely doesn't mean you are pregnant, though, unfortunatley. The follicular cysts, for example, make your body produce progesterone as does the hcg shot.


salbo - November 6

Thanks Ann1, its all so confusing, the doctors just give you the drugs and expect you to get on with it. my level was 25 until i had my LAP done then it plumeted to 19. so it look like im back in the running again!


Ann1 - November 6

Yes, you really have to do a lot of reasearch and learning while ttc! The drs just don't give you all the needed info...with progesterone, I've heard of people having over 100 on cd21 and not being pg and less than 20 and being pg. It just doesn't seem to mean much aside from indicating ovulation! Whether yours is 19 or 25, it is still good, so don't worry.


cdmrose - November 6

Can I take the question a little further? If you're medicated (only Prometrium, in my case) how do you know if you ovulated? Is the blood test level artificially high regardless of whether or not you have ovulated? Just curious why the doc wants to keep monitoring this...


linds99 - November 6

On a medicated cycle like clomid, doctors like to see the progesterone level at least 20 or more 7 days post ovulation, and a non-medicated cycle at least 15 to confirm ovulation has occurred. Anything less than that in either case may indicate a possible luteinized unruptured follicle, as the corpus luetum gives off progesterone, but not as much as if the follicle actually ruptured. Your progesterone levels, though, are actually not that bad. I believe you probably did have some form of ovulation with a 19 a 7dpo, maybe your ovulation was delayed a day, thus the number below 20. Prometrium may may the level artificially high, I can't say for sure, but I know that crinone, which is a progesterone taken in suppository form does not get metabolized by the liver and doesn't go to the blood it goes right to the uterus to build the lining up.


linds99 - November 6

And follicular cysts don't make the progesterone go up, the only thing that makes progesterone go up is a corpus luteum, which is a vacated cyst. Follicular cysts actually produce estrogen, thus the lower temps during the first half of the cycle.


Ann1 - November 6

cdmrose, were you monitored via u/s during your cycle? That is a more accurate way to tell if you Oed or not. The progesterone supplements do raise your level, so I don't think you could use a progesterone blood test to tell if you O or not while taking them.


salbo - November 6

Thanks everyone you have really helped. cdrose i have no idea if i ovulated as they are not tracking me to make sure (NHS cut backs!) so im just hoping that i am ovulating!


chandellina - November 7

salbo - where are you located? you mention the nhs, so i assume you are in britain. please be aware that the levels given by the other ladies here are US levels, where it is measured differently. you can't compare them without doing a conversion. i was told the level should be over 30 (by the UK measurement) but that anything over 15 indicates "some form of ovulation" - not sure what that really means. i've had mine measured three times - 21 - they said was poor - 3- even worse, and then out of the blue - 82. i knew i'd o'd that month too because my dr scanned me to see the follicles on cd12. i'm starting my second round of clomid tonight, 50mg.


cdmrose - November 7

Hi salbo, I hope you're ovulating too - good luck! The last u/s I had was to verify that a large cyst had disappeared. I haven't had one since. However, all the signs of O are present every month (with the exception of low progesterone levels prior to the Prometrium), so I probably am ovulating now. Just no luck yet - I think af is just around the corner... =(


tonyaandjoe - November 13

i was told by my dr. that over 15 is what was great.


tonyaandjoe - November 13

i was on clomid of 50 mg. for the month of sept. they had me to take nothing in oct. and in nov. i am starting 100 mg. when AF shows. but when they done a blood test last month, my progesterone level was a 2.4 which wasn't good so i am hoping this month will be the month.



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