What Happens when you are put on Clomid
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Sam How - October 19

I have recently found out that i'm not ovulating on my own, my doc has said about putting me on clomid, when im put on clomid will I have to have u/s? I cant afford to take a lot of time off work, Ive only been in this job a couple of weeks


tynadu - October 19

when you take clomid you will only have an U/S one or two times per cycle. For most poeple I think this is done around cd11 or so. Maybe you could go after work or before if you work 2nd shift.


MollieJo - October 20

It depends on the doctor. I do not have u/s. I was given the option. My insurance would not cover it. It would be at least 250 each time. I get a positive OPK on the same cd each time and I get my period so he says it's safe to assume I'm ovulating on Clomid. I also get my progesterone level drawn b/c I it's low and he has me on prometrium.


Sam How - October 20

Thanks to both of you for replying, I live in the UK , only problem with the NHS is you cant chose the time you have to take what is given, and to top it off I've just been layed off, so im now looking for new job which makes it worse, I dont want to tell a new employer than im going for treatment to get pregnant. Thanks again



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