what FERTILITY MEDS are you on and what are the side effects
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ann - March 15

hi-i am going throught all the infertility exams and just wondering what fertility drugs are out there and what side effects are you experiencing?


wannabeamom - March 15

I am taking Clomid for the 5th month. I started at 50 mg months 1, 2 & 3. The first month I had mild hot flashes during the day. The next 2 months I had no s/e, but I also didn't ovulate! So month 4 & 5 I went up to 100 mg. I will definately say that I am feeling slighlty moody, needy and severe hot flashes an hour after I take it. I take the Clomid days 5-9 every cycle to induce ovulation. Also every cycle I start Prometrium (progesterone) on cd 17 until AF or hoepfully the 1st trimester is over. Good luck and tons of baby dust!


ann - March 15

do any fertilty drugs have side effects being depression,..weight gain...moodiness...etc?


Ann - March 15

ann, pretty much all of them list several side effects. The clomid (likely the drug you would start with) have the side effects of multiple pregnancy, hostile cervical mucus, hot flashes, mood disturbances, headaches, visual disturbances, ovarian enlargement and hyperstimulation syndrome, and possibly increased risk of some types of ovarian cancer. Hope this helps.


Lynn - March 16

ann...I took clomid for over 8 cycles with no luck. Major side effect for me was HUGE mood swings. I did not even like myself during the days of taking the medicine. Took break after 5 months taking it and got pregnant on 1st month off medicine (Miscarried at 8 weeks). Tried 3 more months with no luck. Took a 4 month break and did a round of injections (follisitim was the drug) and got pregnant on first try (ended as an ectopic) no sid effects but many were listed on the package. Took a 4 month break and I am in the middle of 3 cycle of femera and only real side effect has been a headache toward end of pills. Last month for this then doing injections again. Many drugs have side effects and if you cannot live with what it is doing to you, talk with doctor so they can look at something else. Good Luck


lilly2 - March 16

Hi Ann, I've been on clomid last 3 cycles and i was so moody, depressive,had ovulation strong pain on one or both sides.Now I am on injectible puregon 50ml and today is mu day 16 and all i can feel is headache, no tummy pain and i feel more natural then on clomid.Injections are more aggresive and gives better result.I am going for iui tomorrow if all ok and i am not shore how many follies i have.Good luck to you and baby dust to all.


JessicaG. - March 16

Hi all I take Letrozole (Femara), I have some side effects but they are not to bad, I think I gained 5 pounds, I have small mood swings but nothing to bad. You should ask your doc about it I am only on my 2nd cycle of it but it is not bad.



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