what exactly is high prolactin?
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mmd - October 2

Hi Ladies, I just joined this web site and Im excited. I just started recently going to the doctor, Im
31yrs old and I want to get pregant, but my doctor said that my Prolactin is too high, I'm at 52 when Im suppose to be at 20, however I really dont know what that means. I did however take an MRI back in feb06 and thank god I didnt have a tumor, so that was ruled out. Can I ever get pregnant with my prolactin being high or after it gets stabilized? :(


mmelo - October 2

The short answer is yes. Elevated prolactin levels mean lower progesterone levels. Pregnancy is achievable, the problem is maintaining it. My doctor prescribes prometrium after ovulation to boost your progesterone until the embryo takes over and starts producing it's own. There is an old thread kicking around for high prolactin girls. There are some success stories there. Check it out. Hope this helps!!


mmd - October 3

Well thanks (mmelo) at least I know there is some hope, huh, Well today I went to the doctor, and my prolactin is high, now its up to 61, and now my doctor prescribe me with Bromocriptine which is generic for Parlodel. and then i go to the doctor in 30 days, so hopefully the level will drop.
Well thanks for the encourgement!


bl - October 3

Hi there, I too have high prolactin. I've been ttc #2 for over a year. My prolactin started at 79, and now months later with bromo, it's down to 2. My ds is 2 1/2 and only took 5 months to get preg. I don't know if my levels were high before that pregnancy. Last month I had a chemical pregnancy, so I'm back to ttc again. I've been seeing an re and have initial infertility testing and everything else seems to be ok. I'm not positive if it's the main reason for not getting pregnant! Mmelo, my re and ob never said there was any correlation with high prolactin and loe prog. I looked on line and couldn't find anything. If you have any sites I could look at I'd appreciate it. Oh, I had my prog tested 7 days after lh surge and it was 12, the re thought that was sufficiant. Now I'm curious if it had anything to do with the chem preg. I'm sorry If I'm rambling!!!


mmelo - October 4

Hi Ladies,
Here is my situation. My prolactin when I started was 132. When it was that high I was not gettting a menstrual cycle/not ovulating because the prolactin controls the hormones that initiate ovulation. My levels now fluctuate between 40-70. I am ovulating now, my luteal phase is shorter however, which is why the RE prescribes prometrium, to lengthen the luteal phase and increase progesterone. There was a lady on the old thread that I spoke of whose prolactin level was 32 and conceived but had to be on the prometrium to maintain the pregnancy. That's all I know. I will see if I can find any website that co-relate the two.


bl - October 4

Thanks mmelo, did you have your prog tested? I guess everyone is different. I was having regular cycles but I did notice a difference with certain fertility signs after the meds. I now have ewcm which I didn't before the meds and my cycles are now shorter, every 30 days and o around the same day every month.I just hope I can get prego!! Good luck to you ladies as well. :)



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