what exactly is an IUI?
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mgn - January 14

I am confused. What is an IUI? Is it related to talk of follicles? Can someone tell me what this all is? Also, is an IUI the first thing a women does for fertility treatment or is it clomid?


thayward7 - January 14

IUI means IntraUterine Insemination. The sperm is "washed", then injected with a catheter up throught the woman's cervix and into her uterus. IUI is used for a variety of reasons, it depends on your fertility issues. Hope that helps! Smiles and Babydust... T


thayward7 - January 14

P.S. Follicle size is important for the timing of the IUI. Most women who are having IUI are monitored daily to check the size of the follies - when they are mature (around 20mm) then, they either take Ovidrel which makes them ovulate 36-42 hours later - or they wait for their natural LH surge and have the procedure then. Smiles.... T


mgn - January 14

o i c. cool. so do u think it is better to get an IUI b 4 starting clomid? i am asking b/c if dh and i dont conceive by summer 07 then i am taking the nxt step. we already had hsg, vag sonogram, and sa and all are ok. ???? so my question is what is the next best step. i really would love to avoid lots of drugs if at all possible. is IUI the best bet??


mgn - January 14

ps thanks thayward 7


thayward7 - January 14

That depends.... did DH get any tests done? If there are any issues related to the sperm, IUI is the better way to go. I am doing this on my own, so I HAD to do IUI... LOL, but I also take Clomid because I have PCOS. Do you see an RE?


Tracy88 - January 14

mgn, sounds like the next logical step is to make sure you are ovulating. The best way to tell, in my opinion, is to have the "day21" progesterone blood test. You should at least use ovulation predictor kits to make sure you see an LH surge and then 7 days later have the doc do the progesterone draw. So even if you ovulate on cd20, your progesterone test would be 7 days after that. Day 21 is called such because that is assuming the average woman ovulates on cd14. If you know you ovulate try IUI without meds a few times, and if that doesn't work move to clomid with IUI. I don't really recommend clomid for anyone who is not going to be closely montored by their doctor because I did 3 cycles of it, had the day 21 progesterone tests done, ovulated like a champ, and still never got PG. I don't know if it's because my lining was too thin or because it dried up my cervical mucus, or what? Had I been monitored via ultrasound, I would have known more about why it didn't work. After clomid I had laparoscopic surgery, then a month later did a cycle of injectables and am currently 22 weeks PG. Good luck!


mgn - January 14

yes, i am going for blood test nxt cycle. thnaks 4 info.


slowpoke01 - January 15

mgn- you can do iui without meds for a few cycles and see if that works, or you could do a few clomid cycles without iui and see if that works. you would just have to bd everyday or every other day until after your surge. if neither of those work then you could move to clomid/iui cycle and you can use hcg trigger shot to trigger ovulation when the follicles are the right size or you could wait for the surge. then after that you may move to injectibles with iui and after that i think it is ivf. like tracy said you should use ovulation predictor kits to see when you are ovulating. you can also buy a basal body thermometer and start charting your temps. you can chart on fertility friend for free and see when you are ovulating. you have to take your temps at the same time every morning before you get out of bed. the temping will only tell if you have ovulated it cant tell you when you will ovulate so you should use it along with opk's. also with temping you may know you are pregnant sooner because when implatation takes place the temps will rise. if you are put on clomid or any fertility meds be sure that they monitor you because it can cause hyperstimulation of the ovaries and cysts. goos luck to you



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