what does motility of 31% mean?
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isa - August 16

We just got our test results back. We were told all ok with me. His sperm is 72 million and motility was 31%. Doc said 31% is on the border (low normal). I'm not sure about this does anyone else have any knowledge or know of good websites to read up on this?


isa - August 16

also how will this affect how we should continue ttc? I am going to do another month of cycle monitoring and they will do a poist coital test (supposing i am not pg this month) and he said to keep trying for 3 more cycles. if not pg (i'm almost 40) by then he suggests artificial insemination.


Lara - August 16

Hi isa, sperm motility is the sperm's ability to move. If 60% or more of sperm have normal motility, then the sperm is at least average in quality. If less than 40% of sperm are able to move in a straight line this is considered abnormal. Sperm that moves sluggishly may also have other defects that render then incapable of fertlilizing the egg.


Lena - August 16

Isa, 31% motility means that 31% of the 72 million are progressively moving in a forward motion. While 31% might be considered by some people as to low for the freezing process, it certainly can get you pregnant especially since his count is high. Its really the overall number of morphologically correct, forward moving spermatazoa that is the most important towards conception. 10+ million is the clinical minimum necessary and your husband has over 22 million. Often with frozen IUI, the percentages are 10-15% and woman are getting pregnant.


isa - August 17

Thanx both lara and Lena, -should there be some other questions i should be asking the doc re sluggishness? and for Lena he has over 72 million not 22 million , am i to assume thats really a good number and how does one affect the other (mobility)or does it -esp if we keep trying the natural way? baby dust gals


Lena - August 17

Isa, 22 million is 31% of 72 million. Only the mobile ones can fertilize so 22 million of his 72 million are likely candidates. :) 10 million progressively motile are necessary for conception with IUI and you'll have twice that. If pregnancy doesn't happen naturally, IUI just might be the ticket.


isa - August 17

Lena thanks, ok i get it now i think. I guess i should be happy he has some but i cant help but feel really disapointed we might not be able to do this naturally. sigh


to isa - August 18

hello, my partner and i have the same problem. his motility is only 30%. sad to say your chances are very, very slime. but... yes there is a but =) after 4 yrs we got preg all the sudden. sad to say we lost our baby at 7 weeks, but at least we know there is a chance.


isa - August 18

I'm so confused. If our chances are very very slim at 31% why did the doctor at first say sperm good, then went on to me and said all ok this, all ok that and when i questioned him on the sperm thing and he said well count is 72 million, and the motility is 31% which is borderline...why would he originally have said it was good and why would he not have told us our chances are so slim? I'm so confused.


Lena - August 18

Its possible for you to get pregnant naturally, it might just take a while longer. IUI would definitely be the way to go if you wanted to be pg within a specific time frame or were older. 31% certainly isn't horrible. Every IUI I did had a motility less than that.



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