What does it mean when ovulation test positive for 5 days?
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emeliz - January 26

I bought the "Answer" brand 30 pack of ovulation tests, which seemed like a good buy for $20+ for a name-brand. (HEADS UP: they expire in 30 days, and I only tested for a week, so there goes using the remainder for next cycle.). Between days 13 and 17, the test was positive. Day 13 the lines were the same color, day 14, the test line was much darker, day 15 test line was slightly darker, days 16+17 the lines were the same color but much lighter. Could the tests be inaccurate? Or is this normal? If so, how would you know which of those 5 days are best for fertility? Is there a correlation between the darkness of the test line or both lines, and how strong your LH surge is?


pmblake - January 26

Did you take any medication this cycle? A trigger shot imparticular? Sounds like days 16 and 17 you were coming down from your surge. I've read if this is a one time occurence no problem - if it happens every month than it could be something to check into. PCOS possibly.


caribangell - January 26

Hi emeliz,
mines did the same thing and it was the same answer test. i have not been taking any drugs but i did start ovulex last week. however it is a natural suppliment and i dont think it has any harmones so maybe it's the lh still in your system. i did read that you should stop testing after you see the 2 lines that confim lh surge. keep us posted!!! Blessings:-)


emeliz - January 26

well, next month i'm going to try the expensive test w/digital read-out. I take no medications or supplements. I take only a standard multi-vitamin 1x a day. Last month a sonogram detected a corpus luteum cyst leftover from ovulation. Dr. says that's normal. but could that trick the test into being positive longer? On another note: anyone else tend to get tiny cysts in ovaries around o. time? (NOT PCO-syndrome). I think those may be a/k/a "follicles" ? Dr. says those have no effect on fertility, but could it be what's causing extra o. pain? blessings to all!


lovemy3 - January 26

Oh my goodness!! I bought the same type and mine was also positive for 5 days. I bought the 30 strips and it lasted just excatly like yours. I have no idea but I got a BFN that month. Good luck.


caribangell - January 29

I do get extra o pains, especially on the right side, but it has never been confirmed that it is cysts.blessings. maybe its the ovaries way of letting us knoe they are working.


SaintRose83 - January 29

I bought the Answer test and I tested positive each time I took it. I thought that was weird, because I have a problem ovulating. I beleive they were faulty test, they always said + for me. So I switched brands, and they new ones worked great. So I would try another brand, b/c I heard other girls who had the same problem w/ the Answer brand. Good luck.


mommy2josh - January 29

Emilz, please dont waste your money on the digital tests. My RE said they are the MOST unreliable and are waaayyyy more expensive. Good luck to you.


emeliz - February 19

mommy2josh, do you have any advice on which O. test(s) to use? My friend had good luck w/the digital tests. I hadn't bought them in the past because they are so expensive. This month I didn't test at all because I found the process so stressful last month with the Answer tests coming up positive so often. Also, it's a pain in the butt to pee in a cup every morning! ;) Next month I'll try testing again but I could use advice on which type/brand. Thanks!


cspears99 - February 20

Hi Emeliz that happened to me and it actually happened 3 times in one month it felt like I was ovulating all month, my Dr told me it could mean your body it trying to ovulate and it can try for long periods of time and if it doesn't happen it can also try again in the same month, good luck



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