What does it mean if you spot instead of having a period???
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Faith - April 16

If you spot during the time you were suppose to have a period, what does that mean? I have taken a first response and a clear blue easy and both show negative. I am concerned...could I still be pregnant? I feel sort of weird down there and cramp of and on like I am going to start so I rush to the restroom and ....nothing! Has anyone ever had this happen? Whats going on?


tory - April 18

Hi Faith, I don't know, I'm in the same boat as you. I m/c over a month ago and expected AF, but instead have lite pink with just a touch of blood. My first response says neg. too and cramping. I think you just might be pg because this is my 6th pregnancy ( three of them made it) The symptoms sound like pg. It just might be too early, test again and let me know!


Faith - April 18

Tory, Sorry to hear about your m/c. Did you ever get a positive on a test? I tested again yesterday w/ a clearblue and got a bfn. Still no a/f though. I have NEVER been this late in my life and I am in my 30's. I go to the Dr. today at 2. I will post the news when I get back. I hope she draws blood to make sure either way. Thanks.


Faith - April 18

Well, she drew blood and I will know tomorrow. If it is neg. then she gave me Provera to take to start af and then I will begin clomid. Oh well, lets play the waiting game AGAIN!


Ann - April 25

Hi Faith, that did happen to me for like 3 days then i started my pirod but i have never done that befor so the first thing i thought was that i am pregnant... but on the 4th day i started my pirond but i still find my self sitting here thinking am i pregnant! what was that all about because i have never done that befor. so if someone finds out what that means tell me tanks


shan - April 25

I am having the same problem. I am on 3rd round of clomid and have had brown and dark purple spotting for a on and off for a week now. There was more on the weekend but still it was only enough for a pantyliner and it was on and off throughout the day. Plus I have been having cramps. I got blood test done today and hopefully get results later on today. I will let you know what happens.


Faith - April 25

Unfortunately my Doc. suspects that I did not ovulate. She has started me on Provera.


neds - April 26

I had the exact thing happen faith, for 3 mnths
i was diagnosed with pcos. Get urself checked. Good luck


Faith - April 26

Neds, do I have to request my doc check me for pcos? How do they do it? I just finished up Provera and nothing yet.


Neds - April 27

I beleive they'll need to check your bloods or do an ultrasound which will show if you have pcos. At least if you know something can be done. I have been prescribed metformin but can't use it till i've lost a couple of pounds i'm only slightly overweight but thats what my cons has advised. does anyone know if weight has anything to do with the effectiveness of met


irene - May 31

what if you have brown and red blood is that mean your spotting or does it mean something else?? i had this last month too and now this month today is my first day of my period...does this mean i am NOT pregnant i hope so!


jane - June 23

what could it mean if my period is late, could it be because my last was early?


lerma - July 6

if your spoting then you might be pragnant coz that one of a signs shows pragnancy. My advice is that if your not sure then you have to take a blood test. This is same thing happened to me now,my last period only lasts 2 days. And i did the test twice and it tells negative until now i dont know still if what is happening to me. I need also some advice.


mandynichols - January 17

i spotted last month and still have not had my period what should i do and does it mean i may be pg .... so now i am a month and 2 weeks late


beckkiy94 - April 29

I need someones advice, I've been spotting for 6 days, but its only been lasting a couple of hours eachday! I had light crammps and backache, and feeling really tired my period was due yesterday and nothing, today I had spotting again, and light backache and cramp, I've took a p/t come back negitive could I be pregnant and done the test to soon? Help!


Mollie122817 - August 21

I have a question... I spotted for not really two days and I have been getting sick the last five days does that mean I am pregnant or something esle?


Mollie122817 - August 21

I have a question... I spotted for not really two days and I have been getting sick the last five days does that mean I am pregnant or something esle?



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