What does AF, DH, BETA, and the rest mean??
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Lou - February 6

Can someone tell me what they all mean so I can understand this site alittle better? Thanks


hth - February 6

af=aunt flo, dh=dear husband, and beta is the blood test at the doctor to test for pregnancy. bd=baby dancing (having sex at peak times).


Mega - February 6

Hi Lou!
Beta--A blood HCG pregnancy test.
AF--Auntie Flo, or your period, monthly curse, etc...
DH--Dear Husband, Darling Husband, Darn Husband, whatever suits your mood.
BD--Baby Dancing, babymaking sex.
Hope this helps (HTH)! I know it takes awhile to learn all the abbrevations. You'll get the hang of this crazy new language soon.


Elyse - February 6

Hey there - here's a link to help...



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