What does a triphasic curve in BBT mean????
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~m~ - February 11

I apologize to those of you who have already seen this question from me in another forum......... for those of you who have ever charted your BBT, did you ever have a triphasic curve....... and if so, were you pregnant? Please explain. This is my first month to chart BBT, so I'm new to all of this.


Renee - February 12

Basically it means that before you ovulate, your temps are in the lower range (different for each person). After you ovulate, you will have a thermal shift and they will rise, and then vary in a slightly higher range. If you conceive, there will be a third thermal shift, again to slightly higher temps and it will stay elevated. Since everyone is different, and one person varies each cycle, it will be hard to tell what is normal for you (or if a shift in temps is a sign of pregnancy) unless you've been charting over a series of months. See the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler for detailed info on this, and samples of charts.


stacey - March 3

that's the book I recommend as well. Most times your temp is 97.0-97.5 before ovulation and 97.7-98.6 after ovulation, if it goes up a third time, you hit your t. curve and most likely are pregnant!


Goose - September 6

I had a clear triphasic shift in my temp the first month I charted(after reading Taking Control of Your Fertility), and yes I was pregnant. I did however read that only around 15-20% of women experience this shift in temp.


Lilu - March 24

Anyone else experience this lately? I think I have a third thermal shift. For the past 2 days, my temps have been 98.83 and 98.80 but before that they were 98.6wish.??? What do you ladies think?


tara - March 26

Are my BBTs as accurate if I am taking fertility medications such as Clomid or injectibles?.........

A: In a word, no . . . but that doesn’t mean they don’t tell you something. Clomid often causes elevated BBTs around the time of taking the medication, and it appears to be more common to have a triphasic BBT on medications without pregnancy. What is a triphasic BBT pattern?
A triphasic pattern is when a second thermal shift is seen around the time of implantation of the embryo. The second thermal shift is due to increased progesterone levels from the presence of the embryo. Often this third series of temperatures is not as dramatic as the first thermal shift, but can usually be seen anywhere from about a week to 12 days after the first rise in temperatures.Sometimes this third increase in BBT will not mean you are pregnant. Also, some women that are pregnant will not be triphasal. Like all signs of pregnancy you can only guess that you might be pregnant until you are able to confirm the pregnancy.If your temperature stays up for 18 days or more after ovulation, you should test for pregnancy.


Lilu - March 27

Well... I'm not on any meds and my third thermal shift means pregnancy!! I tested this morning and got a BFP!! I have the book, Taking Charge of your Fertility and in they they say a triphasic BBT more than likely means ur preggo!! In my case, it was correct. But ur right, on another post, someone said they have a third shift every month and it doesnt mean pregnancy for her...


Mega - March 27

Lilu--Congrats! on the BFP. How exciting. Have a healthy, happy 9 mos.!!!



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