what do you thnik????
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na25 - April 13

o my God i will like my body is burning...don't know what's happening...i am lightly dressed,,,messured my temp it was 98.4 and my husband was 95.7 lol had to messure his temp too...i will like i am having a fever but i am not...it just some burning and last night i had high pressure in my head...not sure what's going on i am on cycle 19 and this morning my temp was 96.8...it is low but yesterdays was as low as 95 something...anyway i feel strange...maybe just to excited about trying and hoping,,,


na25 - April 13

i meant i feel like my body is burning...


na25 - April 13

Sorry about spelling mistakes...trying to write and keep my eye on my 5 year old at same time lol...forgot to tell you that this is my 8th day on ovulex


Cloe - April 13

Are you taking Clomid?? That will cause hot flashes all through the month, and make you feel exactly like that! It does that to me :)


na25 - April 13

Hi Cloe:)
I never used Clomid, but started using Ovulex on April 5th so it's been 8 days so far...had opk + on I believe it was cycle day 16 but not high temps than 97.0 ...not sure what's going on...I just know this didn't happen to me before...unless it was really hot day and I was out on the sun...



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