What do you think? Please help me out... thanks
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Chrissy - June 27

Hi everyone!!!!! I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now which isnt a long time at all, i know. That problem is that I dont have regular periods at all. I have no clue when they are coming at all. Well...I decided to see a fertility specialist soon in a few months. The problem that Im running into is that Im 19 years old and even though I dont not care if they make comment about that. I still would be upset. I know a lot of people that had children earlier on. Do you think the doctor will just let me to wait or what? I had the app. with the nurse on the phone and she knows how old I am and she didnt say anything about that. Im getting married soon so I dont understand why they would have a problem with it. I am a adult and I hate being treated like a child. What do you guys think? I guess im just a little nervous about the visit, thank you!!!!


chrissy - June 27

I meant will the doctor make me wait a little while. And I made an app. with the nurse that knew I was 19.


rachy - June 27

hi girl im 18 and my doc thinks the same i am waiting for a dark + pg test 2moro i had 2 faint ones this morning but im not sure i have been trying for one year but 3 days ago i had slight cramping and a discomfort to the side of my low right abdomen so i havnt a clue what it is maybe implantation but my af is not due til 2nd july


chrissy - June 27

Thanks rachy for replying:) I hope your pregnant:-) Good luck. So what did ur doctor exactly tell you? Like you shouldnt be wanting to have kids soo young or something stupid like that? Oh you have ur whole life why now lol. I hate when they say that.


rachy - June 27

yeh they are not allowed to do it if you really want to do it go for it i am i hope i am aswell i will do another test in the morning xXx :."babydust".:



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